d.i.y. muni handlebars

so i built these yesterday using cheap bike parts. a bike handlebar and, the piece that it clamps into (i have no idea what its called). i just bent the bars into the u-like shape that i wanted. and clamped them to the seatpost with that other piece. they creased at the bends but they are plenty strong. my legs bump them sometimes, but for 15 dollars worth of parts they are way sturdy.

I it stiff? And the part is a stem

That’s waay cool man! :sunglasses:

Wish i had the know how to do things like this…

It is pretty cool :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

thanks, i havn’t muni’d them yet but i’ve done about 5 miles of road riding on them and they seem pretty stiff. i can make them flex if i pull real hard, but so far so good. well see how it works after a few rough drops.

how did you bend the bars? did you use any filler? those are some pretty tight bends there.

i looks like he heated it up

Maybe a dumb question on my part, but why two grips rather than one? I can understand if you were doing distance rides and wanted to lift yourself off the seat to relieve the pressure, but for Muni on rough terrain, one grip is enough for me.

i bent them with a hydraulic pipe bender, no heat, but i finished it up in a vice with a jack handle as a lever slid over the bar to bend it. not to hard to bend, but like i said… they creased but are still super strong and i still haven’t been able to bend them riding.

i don’t no what filler is so no i probably didn’t use it.

i guess, yes if all your doing is technical muni, then i’m usually only using one hand, and i’m happy with the stock plastic handle for that. i guess this is more so for distance and cross country, and for a fun experiment. i’m also trying to ride through my usual trails holding onto the bars with both hands, i guess to work on my balance with less flailing.

i saw pictures of people riding with handles, and wanted to try it without paying $80 or so.

i also wanted a place to mount my speedometer:D

at some point i will probably take it off, and my unicycle will feel light as a feather, but it was a fun project.


By filler I meant something filling the inside of the tube when you bent it. Some people fill pipes before they bend them to prevent kinks. the most common fillers seem to be sand or ice with caps put on the ends of the pipes but I have heard of people shoving the tubes full of welding rods etc.

My bars also have two grips but the majority of the time I only use one hand when not on the road. The second grip really ins’t in the way so no reason not to have it when you want to double hand it eh?

don’t be surprised if when you decide to take it off you will miss it terribly and either put it right back on or build another handle.

What a clever idea. Probably one of the easiest way how to make stiff handlebars by yourself, i’ve ever seen. The leg bumping issue could disappear with using stem with larger angle. A little paint job would be cool :wink:
Nice job and thanks for the inspiration!

when i get my new muni i am going to try to make somthing like this

Looks really cool! But where did you bought a stem that fits a 27.2mm seatpost? can’t find anyone :frowning:

Standard 1 1/8" stems are close enough to work. You could use a shim but it probably isn’t necessary.

we have this thing called the bike co-op in cleveland, there i could dig through bins of old bike parts and find the one that would fit a 27.2 seat post. and there i was able to buy the bars and stem for 15 bucks. so that resource was nice. but i still had to shim the stem, using a few strips of metal cut from a pop can. the shim worked great, there is no flex in it, like if you used tape.