D.I.Y Leg Armor-Possible?

I have thought about this alot in the past day, after getting numerous, though minor, injuries during my hour or 2 of uni training today. Here is my thought for DIY leg armor, cause honestly, im cheap, really cheap and i dont want to spend 43 bucks on 661s, but i will if i have too. Ok, what i am planning on doing, is getting some soccer shinguards and cutting them up so that i have 2 shinguards and one ankle protector per leg, and of course with a knee pad too, What I plan too do with this is sew it all inside of a soccer sock and then i wouldnt have to worry about any straps or anything.

But, here is the problem with this, for one thing, it doesnt cover my entire calf, just the front and back, with a small gap on each side, but that is just a small problem, the sock will help deflect the blows anyway. But, here is the big problem, getting it on and off, i know that 661s have buckles on them, but i dont see how i could make them (i thought about velcro, but that will come off too easily if i come down hard).

So, basically the point of this whole thing is, have any of you done this, and if you have (hell, even if you havent), could ya toss a few pointers my way?

Thanks, Chris

You could somehow put laces up the side or something, tie it up like a shoe you know?
The real 661s use velcro, but only to keep the real straps from flying around, the straps actually go across the back, and loops through some loops back to the other side where they velcro.

thats a good idea, but if i have to use metal grommets to reinforce the laced up area, then i will probably need a better material than a sock

I dont know what im going to do, i might just shell out the mone and buy the 661s

Off Topic: does anyone know why no one makes leg armor besides 661? it doesnt seem that difficult

crap, hate to double post, but i just realized that 661s wont really work as i hoped they would, as they dont have any ankle protection, and right now that is what hurts the most on me, so i want ankle protection to be there

nah, i don’t have sixsixones.
I use Fox Northshores.
They’re nice.

there are other brands besides 661 who make them. Fox, roach, etc…
Kris Holm’s knee/shins are discontinued now, but he used to make them.

I think the fat kid wrapped newspapers on his shins in the “The Mighty Ducks”…

get some ankle protectors separately. or wear high tops shoes. seems to me the hassle of making shin guards would be off set by finding 661s on sale.

The 661s don’t really give protection to the back of the leg either. Right now I’m just using a pair of 7 dollar soccer shin guards under my pants until the new Kris Holm leg armor comes out.

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661 protect the back f your lg. Sure it doesnt have padding back there, but it has saved me from cuts that would of left a 4 inch gash.

You can buy 661 ankle iters. Thats what I used, and they work perfect, and arent restricting to movement.

Your sock idea would work, but you really dont have to worry about the sides of your legs too much, its usually on the front, or back, so a little padding on the sides will work fine.

Just have to make sure the sock wont slide around much when you ride, other than that, your idea seems pretty solid.

I donno about the Might Duck, but in the George Peck video on Universe 2 he talks about using newspaper for protection.

I just bought a pair of 661s and I can’t say I’m too impressed with it so far. Previously, I owned a cheap pair of Fox guards which covered only the front but they got loose really fast and didn’t really protect my entire shin.

The good thing about 661s is that they cover most of my leg but yes, not the ankles. However, I believe 661 also sells ankle biters but I’m not sure how useful they are. Perhaps skate shoes + 661s would be more effective in preventing hard knocks to the ankle. I wear Converse high tops and having the crank hammer the eyelet into my ankle is the most painful thing ever!

A better brand perhaps, and what i’ve been recommended, are Dainese guards. They’re about twice the price of 661s here but they cover most of the back and a better portion of the ankles. I’ve also heard that they’re more cooling and don’t spoil as fast.

My 661s have their threads broken by its constant rubbing against the tire already and especially on the canvas surface, it’s starting to tear. Even my crappy Fox guards had a more lasting fabric surface.