D-DAY Event Uni Trials JUNE 13th Lynnfield, MA

Hi There!

      I'm creating a post for a one day event that's truly a good time for all wheeled enthusiasts! It's D-Day, a MTB & unicycle event in Lynnfield, MA. on June 13th All Day.  If your in New England, make the trip as we're anticipating 15-20riders this year.  Many different Bike Manufacturers (Sinister,Trek, and Many local Bike stores) bring their demo fleets for free test rides and loaners. I setup shop as a Vendor Mountainuni and provide free learn to ride "mini lessons".  I bring every Uni I have (7 not ashamed to say:) and give people a go.

    This is the third year I've participated as a Vendor, and it's becoming quite an event, with music, food and lots of riding!  I'll organize @ least 2 Off Road Muni rides as well as take full advantage of the stunts, ramps, teeter totters and pallet playground that DieselBikes and I set up for the day.  Got sandwich boards? or Pallets? Bring em'

Check out out the link below to see more:

This year they are having a 7x National Bike trials champion Mike Steidly as one of their guest riders perform a stunt show. And Local Bands play for the day. I’ll have T-Shirts and Hopefully a Highjump, GapJump trials competition too!

I have some great photos of last years event I’ll post soon. Hope you can make it!
Jeff P.

Pictures from October 08 event

As promised, Pictures from October 2008 Event!

Gah! I’ll be out of town that week. It’s great you’re bringing a muni presence to local events Jeff.

I think my 2 boys and I (and maybe a neighbor’s kid) will finally make it to this event this year! In the past, something has always come up to prevent our attendance.

The boys are pretty good riders and I suck. But I have lots of fun anyway.

Jeff: Do you have approximate times for the MUni rides? Or at least an approximate time for the 1st ride? We are probably 2 hours away and I don’t want to miss anything!


Muni rides will be approx 11AM and 3PM


I’ll plan on the MUni rides going off around 11:00 AM and 4:00PM

The 11:00 ride might be a little shorter,as I’dlike to put together a trials competition with a high jump, gap jump and a ground to rubber with pallets.

Hope this works for you and the boys. Looking forward to meeting them!
There is fantastic MUni here, you’ll like it. Lots of exposed rock and gnarly single track. Bands, food, and lots of exhibitions for bikes and Uni’s.

Should be a good turn out!


I clicked on the Diesel Bikes link in your first post on this thread. It brought me to a Diesel Bike site, but for some reason the links on that site (to bring the viewer to the actual information) seem to circle back to the landing page.

Anyway, As I look at a map, Lynn Woods seems like a big place. I’ve never been there before.

  1. What road is the entrance on?
  2. Is the entrance well marked?
  3. Once I am in Lynn Woods, is there anything I need to know to find the event?
  4. Is there an entrance fee to Lynn Woods or to the Diesel Bikes event?



Here is a link for the event Kerv, as well as a video promoting the event.

Below are URL’s for directions and MapQwest maps:


We are staging @ the “Great Woods Entrance” for Lynn Woods ( Ball Field Entrance) Lots of positive press, something in Worcester Gazette last week? Rode yesterday with the Organizer Frank Diesel and he said 25-30vendors have signed up to date. Should be great!

June 13th is this Saturday D-Day Uni trials

Just a reminder for MA and New England riders,the Uni trials and Mass Muni D-Day is this Saturday June 13th. Looking to get some idea of who would compete in a 19" & 24 Trials Comp, send me a PM if you need details.

Weather.com says the weather will be perfect for tomorrow’s event. Partly cloudy. Mid to High 60’s. No rain in sit until late night. Looking forward to meeting all you Beantown municyclists!

If I start my exercise program right now, I wonder if I can get in shape by 9:30 tomorrow? :roll_eyes: (I knew I forgot to do something!)

I’ll be there bright and early. Looking forward to seeing what I can aspire to…if I were 20-30 yrs younger. Any supplies needed? Water? Food? First aid?

My cardiologist’s phone number is pre-programmed into my cell phone. If you find me lying by the trail, please call him. Tell Kris Holm that my last thoughts were, “why did I ever take up this stupid sport?”

Cliff: looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be the old guy huffing and puffing at the back of the pack.

Event starts 9:30,1st Muni ride around 11:30

It’s going to be fun guys! I’m a 40plus-er as well so, if the teens and 20somethings want to lap us they can have at!

Event starts around 9:30,we’llshoot for1st Muni ride around 11:30.

Looking forward to it!:smiley:


You hosted a great event. Lots of fun had by all. Will, Joe and I enjoyed riding with everyone - it was absolutely worth the 4-hour round trip. Was very impressed with Jeremy, Brian, Glenn. They ride well and do all that fancy trials jumping. I was very glad to have meet Cliff. It gave me another old fart of my ability level to hang out with.

I am not sure, but I might have broken my left big toe. I had previously broken that toe, so I have never been able to flex it much. It is Completely black and blue. I’ll need to wait a couple of days before getting back in the saddle - but I will return! Looking forward to more rides with the Boston group.

Sorry to hear about the TOE

Sorry to hear about the toe Kerv, and hope it doesn’t keep you out too long.
Rest, Ice, Elevation and Compression is the key.

You, Joe and Will all did great on the MUni ride, and we would welcome you all on any future rides we put together. I hoping to drag a few from our group out your way one of these days. We do a similar event in October, and I’ll make sure you’re on the invite.

We could meet halfway easily too!

I second the great job by Jeff. And also welcomed another old man to ride with. Glenn’s attitude was inspiring, resulting in me getting my hops down in one day. The learning curve is much faster with other riders around…

All in all, I think we provided a lot of entertainment and inspiration for the two wheel crowd.

I have brakes ordered and in transit – plan to drive to Highland on the first possible sunny Thursday or Friday. If anyone is interested in joining, contact me.

Also interested in hitting new spots – may try Vietnam next?

I was out of town the last few days and just saw the last couple of responses.

If the Bean-Town riders want to come west, you are more than welcome. We can use my Belchertown house as a base of operations. The Holyoke Range State Park (in Amherst / Hadley) is 15 min away. LOTS of terrain, maintained by a local mountain bike club. With all that riding so close by, one would think I should be a better rider :roll_eyes:

After the ride, come on back and jump in the pool (nothing special - a round, above ground model). We can put some food on the grill and then send you on your way.

Meeting Half-way sounds good, too. Just don’t know exactly where that would be. And we are looking forward to joining up for another assault on Lynn Woods.

Jeff, will you be posting any photos of the D-Day event?


Will be posting Pics and videos from D-DAY

I will be Kevin,but might be a week or so. Heading to Moncton, NB,CA for a week. Might be hooking up with a MUni-er from the forums for a ride.