D-brake on old KH29"?

Hi All
I was looking to upgrade from mi 26" square taper muni to a disc muni.
I found an almost unused KH29" of 2010.
the owner state that a disc can be easly added.
based on KH site some filing may be necessary to use the D brake adapter.
looking on the forum I found that:

  • on a 26" KH the grinding was necessary to fit the D brake
  • on a 36" KH was not requested.
    have anyone experience with a stock 29" KH?
    where I can find the specs of hold KH Unicycle?

I have 3 KH (26, 29, 36), the 26 and the 29 with the inboad disc on Nimbus Oracle hub and d-brake; the 36 with d-brake and disc on Spirit cranks, I had to file the 36 frame (model from end 2008)