D-brake adapter

Really for trade if I can. I need 1 Oracle bearing holder, which I’m hoping to trade straight for a d-brake bearing holder. I don’t mind used. The d-brake is new, but the package is opened so I could take out the other bearing holder.

Unfortunately unicycle.com/us does not sell them, and decided to make the old steel ones not fit the same dimensions by about 2mm despite them being the exact same dimensions.

I have a used extra lying around that you can have, no charge. I swapped out my Oracle frame for a proper disc frame, so I don’t have any use for it (nor for a D-brake). It’s seen a lot of use but it’s still in OK shape.

Send me a PM with your contact info if you want it, and I’ll get it in the mail.

well it looks like I have one on the way… anybody need a freebie d-brake adapter? : D

I’d take it, I have a muni with no tabs that could do with a disc… :slight_smile:

Spoken for! : ) Thanks! Lots of good will in this thread.