D Bedford's email over quota - help


I was trying to email Darren Bedford tonight and I sent it to

the info@bedfordunicycles.ca address and Darren’s Yahoo address. Both came back saying that they were both over quota.

Can anyone shed any light on this or give me a new address?

If I remember correctly, his phone number is listed somewhere on the Toronto Unicyclists Club website. http://www.torontounicyclists.ca

(sorry in a rush, no time to actually find it for you) Perhaps you’ll be able to get in touch with him that way

HEy, you can also reach Darren at www.bedfordunicycles.ca I believe.


Sorry about the mail box being full. I will clean it out tomorrow.

I have been really busy renovating my shop.
I have been renting another unit for stock and powder coated components that I now have all in one place.

I will be updating the price list and website next. Way over due !!!

My e-mail should be fine now.

info@bedfordunicycles.ca or

You can always call if need be:

Shop: 416-729-9696
Home/Office: 416-767-4742