Czech unicyclists

I’m going to move to the Czech Republic in August to teach English and was looking at’s roster of unicyclists there. I emailed all 8 of them. I’ve been in touch with one of the guys who has been telling me about a juggling/unicycling festival they have in his hometown of Ostrava almost exactly when I will be arriving. I’m definitely going to go! I’m sure I’ll meet some great people…it’s going to be a fantastic way to begin to get acclimated. Pavel, my new buddy, said he’d let me perform, put me on the poster and he said, of course free drinks at the bar. It’s funny how these things work out…never did I think when I started that unicycling would be my connection to the world. Anyone else have any good international unicycling stories?


czech unicyclist

I’m building a house in Croatia, but it’s directly down :p, going over there in june/july to decide the location on the plot :slight_smile:

Shame it’s not closer :frowning:

I gotta take a car down there at some point, so at that time might pay a visit :slight_smile: