Czech Unicyclists v Praze?

I am posting to see if there are any unicyclists in Prague… I used to live there and am now visiting my old home this March, bringing my KH 20 for the second time. I rode round Divoke Šárka on it, but it would be amazing to hook up with other one wheelers especially if they have some larger wheels :slight_smile:

Jsem Angličan ale umím trochu česky - jsem bydlel v Praze tři roky. To bude fakt hustý si myslím kdyžtak někdo ma zájem se spojit a jezdit na jednokole.

Budu tam od 7. do 15. Března - tak dejte mi vědet promiň pokud mate zájem!

Mějte se zatím jednokolové hezky!

P.S. sorry English speakers for posting with some Czech, but I see this as polite to the target audience of my post :wink:

Pokud si zase neco nezlomim, tak se mnou muzes pocitat;) Skoda jen, ze s sebou neberes Oregon, ten bych si opravdu s chuti vyzkousel:) Ja mam klasickou 24".

Hi! I’m polish muni rider, I’m going to organize Muni XC Race which would take place on Polish/Czech Republic border, in the vicinity of towns Nove Mesto pod Smrkem and Swieradow Zdroj.
At the present time, the idea is to make two starts, each about 15 km long. First one at Saturday 19-10-2013, separate starts, time count. At Sunday, final loop. The fastest rider starts first, then the next riders as per time difference from Saturday, First on finish line wins!
I’d like to make this race on Singltrek pod Smrkem. Those are single tracks, perfect for fast XC rides. 26" or 29" or guni versions are recommended.

That’s good opportunity for czech riders to met and compete with us. Other nationals are also welcomed.

I’m looking for any Czech muni riders to speak about the race organization, race promotion, etc. If any one of You are interested, I wait for answer.