cyclocross racing

The sport of cyclocross (as I understand) runs on a course of mixed road, dirt and some unridable potions where the rider carries his/her machine.

Anyone ever entered a cyclocross race on their uni (or bike, for that matter)?

It seems as though the carry part would be an advantage for the uni, while of course the flat and downhills would favor the bikers.

There’s one in the Albany NY area next weekend and I’ve emailed the organizers to see if I can enter.

The Portland, OR club has a race for unicycles (Muni races in Portland, OR). Don’t know if anyone has ever entered. I think they have the uni’s run the last lap of one of the beginner races.

I checked with the Seattle area club. They don’t have a uni category. I e-mailed them, they replied:

We’ll have to follow up on this for next year.

Cyclocross is great! an hour of pure pain… I’ve raced on both MTB’s and cyclocross bikes and i have to say that its a bit easier on an MTB. IMO a unicycle would get eaten alive in a race with bikes. But an all uni race would be pretty badass. This may actually be a great idea…cyclocross courses are on the short side with lots of spectators and where I’ve raced tend to be more grass roots events that aren’t governed by lame rules. They would be a great forum to show people passionate about cycling what unicycls are capable of…and that way the sport can grow. If you live in near Albany look into the Green cyclocross race in Green NY (near binghamton)…you can contact the TVC to see if its going on this year. peace.

That sounds like an awesome idea- pity about the race being full.

Over here in NZ, we have Karapoti Classic , a mountainbike race that has had a unicycle category for the past three years. There are three very big hills- the first is rideable by about half the bikers, the second (Devils Staircase) is unrideable even for the top pro-elite guys, and the third, is rideable for about 1/2 of the riders. Those hills are a definite advantage on a unicycle. You can run up as fast as the people that are riding. The other advantage over a long/muddy race is that bikes start having mechanicals, chains/gears start clogging up…I reckon a cyclocross race would be similar.


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I dont think so.
Although ive never been in a cyclocross race ,ive read about it.
the good riders are very good at dismounting ,running,and remounting very fast,all in one smooth motion.They can mount while running and use their momentum.Plus,most cyclocross bikes are made very lightweight and carryable.On a unicycle,you would have to position the uni in front of you,and get your foot on the right pedal,hop up,then pedal.A biker can get on a lot faster while runing.(also,i just whent out and tried it.)

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A good rolling mount should be as quick or even quicker on a unicycle than on a bike- you don’t need to straddle your seat. I know that the cyclocross riders do it in one smooth action; but it is even easier to do on a unicycle.

I tend to run into my mounts- so I’m already rolling at a good speed by the time I’m on it. And there’s no risk of crunching your gears/slipped gear shifts or having to think ahead about gears. No need to click in to a pedal either- which can be challenging on a muddy course.


You can running mount a bike and moto away MUCH MUCH faster than a uni.

Whoa. I didn’t mean to imply one could be competitive in a cyclocross race. I’d love to just finish.

Regardless of the relative mounting speed of one vs two wheels, the bike is so much faster on flat and downhill, it would seem like no contest, no?

No I can’t. I’d never try and running mount a bike, nor would I jump onto a moving car. That’s mad.

Now mounting a muni on a steep uphill requires a good running mount. I’d like to see someone pull that off with two wheels.

Postulate all you like, but until there’s an official race, it’s all babble. I’ll put my money on the unicyclist.

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