Cyclists Apocrypha

There’s a very comical article in the current Cycling Plus, about how God
created man because cycling was just too much fun to keep to Himself. Although
it’s aimed at cyclists, there are parts that will appeal to unicyclists as well
(especially male chauvinist unicyclists such as myself :wink: ).

And unicycles get a mention in the story of Noah and the ark.

It’s online at:

At the same site, I found the diary of a cycling journalist whose editor had
instructed him to learn to ride a unicycle for an article:

It includes the wonderful line: ‘Wake up with three year-old bouncing on chest
shouting; “Fall off the funny bike again Daddy.”’

Danny Colyer (remove your.mind to reply) “If you have a difficult
task, give it to a lazy man. He will find an easy way to do it.” - Genghis Khan