Cycling with my XC team

I had a fun day with my unicycle today…as you prolly know, I’m a runner, but I broke my foot. but about a week ago I got my cast off…still can’t run yet, so I’m still the team manager so I go to practice and all. I’ve of course been riding my coker to practice a lot lately…
so anyway, whats my point with this story? oh yeah. this week it’s just the varsity squad training for State on Saturday. Today, they ran Indian miles for four miles, which means that they ran in a line of about ten people, and the person at the back sprints to the front, and they do that over and over. it’s pretty cool. Coach noticed I have a cyclometer on my Coker…so, he asked me to ride along with the Varsity girls team to keep their pace, and tell 'em their time for each mile. it was fun, and made me feel important!! I wanted to ride with the varsity guys team, but they had to keep a 5:45/mile pace, and I’m not quite sure I could keep that for four miles…the girls had to stay under a 7:00/mile pace, and thats eeeasy for me. their average speed was 8.8 mph, their first mile was 6:51, and their 2 mile time was 13:30. so yeah…it was a lot of fun, and I just felt like sharing my story.

ta ta!

That’s awesome. When I had a cycle computer on my 20", I used to joke that it was just like one of those meter wheels you use to measure large distances that clicks every metre, except I rode it.