Cycling undershorts protection street/trials/flatland

I was thinking about buying some cheap cycling undershorts (these specific ones
) and I was wondering if it acted as a cup, which is pretty much the whole purpose of me buying them. Seeing as how they are only like $8, do you guys think they will save me from having a homemade vasectomy, if not, what riding shorts do you recommend, or should I just buy a cup, also I was looking at those because I do not want to spend $50+ on one pair of cycling shorts

My experience with bike shorts? You get what you pay for. I have never found any that lie that far off the price/performance curve. So, I’m thinking for $8, you’ll get… not a lot.

That said, what you really need for most unicycling is just a compression short to hold the boys out of the way. Until you get into distance riding or are good enough at muni to stay in the saddle all the time, you can get by with a lot less quality in your inner shorts. You might even get by without a pad for a while and just have a true compression short - depending on the cushioning in your saddle.

On an unrelated note, what part of Eastern Idaho do you live in? I want to do some exploring and that is not far…

I live near idaho falls, but i really just do street and these crank flips really have me getting some pain in unwanted areas, I did consider getting a cup once but I think if I get something to hold “the boys” in place so the saddle doesn’t directly rack me i would be able to have kids when I want them

I always use compression shorts, without padding.
These are tighter than ordinary bike shorts and hoist the tackle up and out of harms way.
They also prevent bruising to the thighs, as they slide against my cargo shorts.


I’ve tried cups of various configurations, even with custom modifications, and eventually gave up on them. They feel like riding with a rock in your pocket, except in front. Plus, cups are designed for people NOT sitting down for any length of time. The bottom end of the cup is usually right where you sit on it and gets very uncomfortable.

I often wear a base of tight boxer-briefs, then compression shorts, then spandex bike shorts with some padding. That does the trick most of the time, still have had some unpleasant landings.

After trying many variations in shorts and a few different saddles, what works best for me is a pair of compression shorts under a pair of padded shorts and than an outer pair of bike shorts that look like regular shorts. Pearl Izumi and Zoic are my brands of choice. Nurse Ben made a customized flat seat for around 10 people on this site that I was lucky enough to get involved with. Nothing is perfect, but the set up I mentioned allows me to travel more miles with less discomfort.

These are designed to lift and push out your package to make it look bigger, the wonder jock pro. I use them for riding as they keep your valuables still and lifted out of the way so you dont sit on them.

If im gonna do some muni I usually throw on some padded nicks and down hill mtb shorts