Cycling New Zealand March 2004

In March 2004 I am planning to discover my favorite destination (The South
Island of New Zealand) by bicycle for 4 weeks.

So I am looking for a cycle enthusiastic person like me (male or female, it
doesn’t matter!) who wants to join me.

By the way, I am 32 years old and I am coming from Austria. But my name is
NOT Arnold! :slight_smile:

Though cycling is one of the greatest ways to discover a country, you should
be awake to spend looooong hours on your bike. So that a very good
constitution is indispensable!!! If you are a lazy couch-potato, your are
definitely the wrong travel-companion for this trip.

Still interessted? Just send me an email! ( )
Check out my homepage too:

Dieter (also known as Didi) :slight_smile:

Re: Cycling New Zealand March 2004

Did you say ‘bicycle’? I think you’re on the wrong forum dude! I don’t think we’d keep up with you even with a Coker on the road!

Anyway, I love to do a bike tour of the SI but but I’m already booked for an epic 500km ride in Vietnam on one wheel. But if you’re after some touring buddies your best bet is either Vorb or the

We may look at organising some sort of South Island MUni road trip or Coker tour in future.

Good luck!

Ken :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty nice website, Dieter. Backpacking/hosteling is great adventure.