Cycling activities for 7 year old

My boy loves riding - we regularly do 30 + mile rides, albeit very slowly. Does anyone know if there are activities or clubs for this age range? I would love there to be a peer social element to his cycling. I’ve searched but links end up going round in circles.

Yes, there are some. But since this is an international forum, it would really help to know where you are located, I guess you wouldn’t like to travel around half the world… :roll_eyes:

And if you’re not a spam-robot… :sunglasses:

Yeah, it is rather cool if a 7-year old can ride 30 miles on a unicycle … :thinking: … I can’t …

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It’s only about 25000 revolutions on a 20" uni! :smiley:

30 miles, wow. Assuming he has a smaller unicycle, that means it’s more than a 10 hour ride.
Another vote for spam.

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On the other hand, at Unicon 16 in Italy some young teenagers (from Denmark) participated in the 100 km road riding competition! :astonished:
Their father was very proud of his daughter and son. :slight_smile:

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Would be the worst spambot ever, considering there is no link to anything anywhere… Spambots are usually identified by having a link in their bio/profile and a low postcount. The new ones are clever and manage to produce somewhat realistic posts, which is why they sometimes fool people here. But you don’t build spambots for fun, there is still always a link they want to spread.

My guess is confused, probably riding 30+ mile on a bike (which still is massive for a 7 yo), and interested in any kind of cycling.

…or one the best.

You know you’re a unicyclist when…

True but they’re evolving and are now making dormant accounts, sometimes posting several links. And then the signature is modified to have the links you’re talking about.