cyclig clothing

Let sb tell me something about cycling clothing.

Cycling clothing has many advantages over riding in denim jeans or simple track pants. What you wear depends on your climate and personal preference. You could, for example, ride naked with a touch of gold paint, like Erin ‘Red’ Thompson did at Burning Man. Notice the non-standard usage of beads in her attire.

First and foremost, cycling shorts reduces chafing in the groin area. Only after you purchase a pair will you see the major difference in comfort. It’s not a good idea to have skin abrasion in these areas. As I’m a guy I can’t vouch for what the gals feel. Most cycling shorts are made of lycra or some other loose material, allowing full motion with no constraints of movement. Again, comfort is the key.

Some MTB cycling shorts come with extra padding on the hips and back, so that if you hit the dirt you won’t rip up your skin as quickly. I’ve not tried them but take a look at them if your offroad Uni riding style is aggressive.

Pullover lycra tights, particularly if they have a nylon front with lycra on the back, keep you warm. I’m not sure where you live, but here in Canada I use them a lot. But lycra tights are personal preference. I’ve seen some riders use snowboard or other pants.

As for shirts/tops, I’m not too keen on the cycling stuff. There’s microfibre shirts available that wick away your sweat and keep you drier. If you combine this microfibre with a secondary layer that will absorb the sweat vapour you’ll lose less heat due to convection (wind chill) and feel more comfortable.

Most cycling shirts/jackets/tops come with additional material near the butt/fanny section. This is to account for the “hunched over” riding position of a bicycle, but on a unicycle this is not useful. I usually go for rock climbing gear instead. Same material, different cut.

Cycling shoes: no
MTB safety equipment, like knee/shin guards: get them if you need them for offroad.
Cycling helmet: get one and use it.

I’ve left out the fact that you can look sleek and aerodynamic, and really cool, even though most of us don’t go very fast on our unis.

There’s a lot to say about this subject, so maybe you could be more specific. Also search on this newsgroup for past postings and maybe you’ll get more info.

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