Cyclepro? Any good?

I was wondering about the Cyclepro uni They have them here for $80. What do you guys think about this buy. I am new to this and want to get good direction to begin.

I wouldn’t pay for a cyclepro. They have “lollipop” bearing holders which means the part of the frame that accepts the wheel is a solid circle,

eventually these will crack and the frame is worthless unless welded back together.

A better unicycle uses bearing caps instead of a solid circle; the hub fits into the frame and then a cap secures it:

You can get a torker LX on ebay for 70 bucks and it is wayyy better in almost all respects so I would stay away from it.


I was pretty much in your position last Sept… except I was on a 20 year hyatus from riding. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to ride at all or if this were going to be something I’d like to keep doing…

I rolled the dice and bought the cyclepro. Although I wasn’t aware of the hub bearing config, I did know it was an ‘economy’ uni. My intent was to just learn to ride and cruise around, I figured the cyclepro would be enough to do the job.

What happened was, I totally got into the uni. I quickly learned lots of stuff I could never do as a kid; riding backwards, idleing, various mounts, hopping, and MUNI!!! eeep! I can honestly say, it’s BluntRM’s fault I started muni…:slight_smile: . Well not entirely, but partially. Thanks dude :sunglasses:

You may see where I’m going with this. My needs far exceeded what the cyclepro is designed to deliver. So, I’ve cracked the frame and last week snapped the square-tapered end of the hub off…

If your riding ends up just being riding, and not ‘doing stuff’ (like hopping, etc), the cyclepro ~may~ be OK for your needs. But, I’d take BluntRM’s and others advice, and get something with a better design… why not for the same dough…

Let us know what you decide…

good luck,


Hey guys thanks for the replies, I was jonesin to get back on a uni, I saw some guy at a party that had one, and I had a flashback to when I was like 13 riding these things, I cant believe I forgot that I used to have one. anyhow, I lmost bought the POS cycle pro. Also After riding that guys I found that the seat was real uncomfortable, and the post slipped a lot.
Ill let you know how this story ends guys. Thanks again.

If your just starting out, it’s alright, but if your going to go for it in the way of drops, dont get it I had one, and half way through a ten mile ride, I whent off a drop and the frame ripped off

Ok so I was looking on Ebay can you guys tell me if this is a good buy?

yeah thatss a great starter

The price with shipping is going to be around $100 is this a good buy for a 24"?

Yep, definatly. It is probably exactly what you want and need at this point. You may decide that you want something different later on but at least if you get this you will still have something useful lying around that you might still use for freestyle or cruising.

I actually have a cyclepro, and I wouldnt recommend buying it. The seat is uncomfortable and very flimsy, everything about it pretty crappy. I was riding off of curbs at normal speed and the crank portion near the pedal bent about 5 degrees. I managed to bend it back into its original state, but it shouldnt of bent in the first place. Three words: dont buy it.