Cyclebration is this weekend!

Northern California unicyclists,

Don’t forget about Cyclebration. If you’ve been there before you know it’s
the one day event with a little unicycle racing, antique bike racing, fun
obstacle course, tryouts of all sorts of weird cycles, and some shows.

This year’s Cyclebration, in downtown Davis on Sunday May 20, will be
bigger and better than ever. It is now being hosted by the Chamber of
Commerce, which has a much bigger budget and resources. There will be
bands there, like Mumbo Gumbo. There will still be a show by the
Uni-Cyclone (me) and a BMX ramp & Freestyle show.

Come one, come all, to downtown Davis this Sunday. The day starts with a
fund-raising pancake breakfast, 8-10 am. Then “cycle skills” from 9-11,
races starting at 10:00. My show will be at 1:30.

Find out all the details at the Cyclebration Web site:

Also, if you can’t make Cyclebration, maybe you can go to the Modesto
Family Bicycle Day on Saturday, May 19. Bruce Clifton has organized the
local unicyclists into an area/event called the Unicycle Zone, starting at
9:00 am. Everybody that can ride will get a T-shirt or other prize! A
little more detail can be found here:
or here:

Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“He who dies with the most toys is dead.”