Cycle Tyre sizes

It is not easy to ask what size a tyre is when you are talking about a
cycle. A 20" tyre could be as much as 4" different from another one! There
is a system that allows being more accurate when specifying tyres and
needing to know what rim they fit on. The system is laid out by
The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation and it gives the size for
the bead and it’s diameter. I have done some hunting on the net and found a
good resourse for all these sizes:

Here is a text verson of some of them:


16x1.75 BikeE, Common Juvenile Tire size 305mm
16x1 Primo Race Tire 349mm
16x1 3/8 Vision, Lightning, etc 349mm
16x1 3/8 Also called “400a” Euro Bents, Roulandt 340mm
17x1 1/4 Moulton, Lightning, WindCheetah 369mm
20x1.5 - 1.75 Ryan, Haluzak, etc, Common BMX size 406mm
20x1 Primo Race Tire 451mm
20x1 1/8 - 1 3/8 Tour Easy, V-Rex 451mm
24x1.75 Seen on a Trek 820, anything else? 507mm
24x1 - 1 1/8 King Cycle, V-Rex, Terry front 520mm
24x1 3/8 “600a” Juvenile lightweights 540mm
26x1 1 1/4 Also called “650b”, Triathlon bikes 571mm
no, the 571mm size is “650c”.
26x1 1/2 “650b”, Euro utility bikes, tandems 584mm
26x1 3/8 “650a”. 3-speeds, cheap 10-speeds 590mm
26x1 - 2.125 Common MTB size, Vision, Haluzak, etc 559mm
700c x 18 - 38mm Common Road size, Tour Easy, V-Rex 622mm
27x 1 - 1 1/4 Common Older Road Bike size 630mm


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How bout we all just agree that a 24" wheel is not a 20" with out all the technical mumbo-jumbo.
-David Kaplan

Re: Cycle Tyre sizes

I vote that we start the “24-inch is a 20-inch” foundation and get lots
of government grants to prove you wrong. Somehow. With technical mumbo-


UniDak <> wrote in

> How bout we all just agree that a 24" wheel is not a 20" with out all
> the technical mumbo-jumbo.
> -David Kaplan
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This Belimport method of tire sizing is interesting and would certainly standardize all the various tire sizes around the world. It makes sense to use the tire width and INSIDE diameter as standard measurements to advertise a tire.

Thankfully we have 3 fairly standard sizes to choose from: 20", 24" and 26". These standard sizes seem to fit satisfactorily most of the time, i.e. if you purchase a tire that’s marked as a 20" diameter you’ve a good probability of it fitting on a standard 20" rim. Ditto for a 24" and 26". I figure if you stick to these standard sizes you’ll not get into much trouble.

The 20" Monty and Onza tires are an exception with their proprietary rim sizes of roughly 16". I think the European 700c/28"/29" tires are also somewhat non-standard, so the Belimport method would be good.

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