Cycle Sports & Fitness: OMG!

My god, dealing the guy on the phone was like pulling teeth! :stuck_out_tongue:
I couldn’t get a clear or concise answer out of the guy no matter how I worded my questions, and I had to keep repeating myself 'till I was blue in the face!

Has anyone successfully dealt with these people before?
They’ve got what seems like a pretty darn good deal on a Torker 26 with free shipping, but I couldn’t be sure what exactly I would be getting because I couldn’t get an understandable answer out of the person I was speaking with.

I had some technical questions, but was afraid I might overwhelm the poor guy on the other end of the line if I asked them. :wink:

Timbo, I forgot to admonish you for not putting the subject in the title of your previous thread (hypothetically speaking). It took me a second to figure out the name of the company you’re asking about in this thread is in your title. But the question still isn’t.

If you wan’t cheap, buy your unicycles from companies that don’t specialize in unicycles. If you want information they’re not going to know (since they probably don’t know what’s in the box, and might not even have access to the box), buy from a vendor that knows unicyclists and cares about you. I recommend if you’re in the countries they cover.

I took a moment to Google the company name and check out their site (you forgot to provide a link). Looks like they’re a bike shop, which is better than a mass-market seller-of-everything-from-a-warehouse. Some bike shops are connected to local unicyclists and actually know something about the unicycles they sell. Most don’t. Many still don’t even know how to assemble their floor models… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I didn’t read the TOS for this site. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cycle Sports & Fitness. -->

They have “brick & mortar” locations as well as on line sales.
The thing I liked about them most, compared to udc, is that they offer free shipping while charging the same prices (for the Torker 26).

Hey, every little bit counts when you’re not working. :wink: