Cycle Designs Unicycle?

Has anyone heard of this company, are they any good??


Ebay Unicycle

This was on Ebay under Unicycle 24


Cheapy learner. Don’t get it. Probably will creak and groan. The closest resemblance is probably the Avenir, the older kind.

I bought that same model from craigslist. If it’s in good working order it is all you need to learn, but won’t hold up to much more than just plain riding.
Once you can ride you’ll probably want something better.
I used it for about a month before buying a muni. I’ve lent the learner out to someone just learning. So having an extra uni around isn’t such a bad idea.

The one in the picture might have the wheel on backwards. It’s amazing how many bike shops don’t figure this out. This is because their lowliest and least-experienced mechanics are often the ones tasked with assembling them in stores that have them.

That’s an older unicycle, probably from the 90s. It was a very good example of a good, low-priced unicycle of its day. And it still is. It’s a “basic” unicycle, which means it’s made for just riding around on. If you use it for Street or Trials, it won’t last very long. If you don’t beat on the wheel, it’ll probably last for years. And those seats were great because they not only resisted drops, but they bounced! And they were quiet, which is a nice plus for indoor riding.

Yeah the frame is defanitly on backwards (doesn’t really matter on a uni w/o brakes) but the wheel may be pointed correctly.

I did this once when I mounted the wheel in the frame backwards after changing tires and was too lazy to redo it right then so I just turned the seat around.

At least it has the newer bearing caps. Mine had cheap lolly drops and the frame started splitting in half on each leg after a month, never doing anything more than riding off curbs.

I think my first uni was by Cycle Designs. Man, I really put that thing through hell.

I learned on a crap whip like this. Glad it broke, that’s when I REALLY discovered unicycling.