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I was wondering if people with cycle computers like the wireless better than the regular? I see the UDC sells both kinds. Is one better than the other? Are there other kinds that you like better not found at UDC? (I used the search function but didn’t find my answer)

I wuld trust wired more than wireless, but both will work.

Or get a wrist mounted GPS which will work for all your unicycles without re-setting.

Wrist GPS

After some troubles with my cycle computer and an attack of unrepressable gadget lust, I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 405. Like most purchases expectations and reality diverge. Here are my observations after 14 rides.

++ Setup is slightly frustrating and difficult at first. The bezel is at times too sensitive and other times it seems unresponsive…
++ The bezel has to be locked when riding otherwise the display can change to some undesired training data page
++ I wear the watch on my right wrist to prevent my glove from pushing the timer or lap buttons at the wrong moment
++ The elevations are wildly inaccurate, but that is no surprise. A free application, TCX Converter, can correct altitudes for an exported file.
++ Speeds and distances are often wrong. One morning I rode out to a turn-around point and rode home by exactly the same route. According to the Garmin Training Center (on my PC and used to process data from the 405) I rode out 4.02 km and back 4.35. Amazingly my outbound average speed was only 12.4 km/h even though I apparently reached a maximum of 565.4 km/h. Is this a new record?
++ The cycle computer and the Garmin do not agree. Normally the cycle computer is about 3% high on distance and average speed, but 10% on maximum speed. The 3% is normal and due to my error in wheel size setting and wobbly riding. I don’t know why the maximum speed diverges so much more than the distance.

Today I tried it while walking at about 5 km/h. In the Training Center my max speed was apparently 19.1 km/h even though no such speed shows on the graph.

I have a handheld Garmin 60 csx. It’s a little bulky to wear but I can stuff it in a pocket with the antenna out. I just can’t look at it while riding. Maybe I can rig up some way to strap it to my forearm or even my leg (quad). It’s quite accurate and has street and topo maps.

I purchased a Cateye Enduro 8 for about $30 at my LBS… unfortunately it didn’t support a 36" wheel so I had to buy a 2nd magnet (only $5) to get it to work.

It’s a wired model, but the wire is just long enough that I can strap it to my brake line and run it straight to my handlebar. The computer came with a mounting kit that keeps the wire from dangling anywhere dangerous.

Since I’ve dialed it in by riding on a local bike path with mile markers, it does me quite well… although I can never get my odometer to agree with any of my riding partners’ odometers… we’re always off by a tenth or two.

Nonetheless I’ve been happy with it. It has all the features I want and nothing more… distance, time, max and average speeds, and a pace indicator.

The only wireless cyclo computer I have used was a fairly cheap one, which had to be turned on manually after every 5+ minutes of break (it doesn’t turn on automatically), and the battery in the piece that is attached to the frame that detects the magnet has to be changed every 6 months or so. I don’t know if this is a fair representation of them, others might be of better quality, but I’ve never wanted to try another one, and stayed with trusty wired computers since then. On longer rides, I usually keep the GPS in the front pocket of the backpack.

Some computers allow for 2 wheel sizes, meaning that you can bring them from one unicycle to another without having to reprogram it.

I got the wired cateye mity 8. It supports a 36" wheel, just had to due a roll out on the tire. I looked up the instruction on the Enduro 8, and at least the one on the web site now you can also put in your wheel size manually. Not Found | CATEYE

Will someone get a wired GPS for Mikefule!:slight_smile:

You mean a kite? :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing what happens when one actually reads the instructions! I’ll have to give it a go… thanks!

Yeah I can confirm this is what I did. Rolled the tyre along the floor to get circumference and was able to type this into the computer. Someone said there could be a discrepancy in the circumference measurement depending on the weight of the rider :thinking: Seems to work :slight_smile:

Time to remind about an ancient but useful web page:

Well, I’m a real smart one. I guess I’ll blame it on age since I became “50” today. I don’t have a handle bar on my unicycle and would have no place to attach a computer. Duh! So, I’ll use the gps until I have some more experience and decide to try using some sort of handlebar.

Ah, but you do! Your seatpost. Sure, you might not be able to look at it while riding, but it’ll still track distance and time, etc. I’ve seen a couple others do it this way… forget who, tho.

I bought a cheap wired unit from Wal-mart and it works perfectly. It was less than $15.00 and it is a 20 function… speed, max speed, trip, odh, cal, ect.

I was told that the wireless would not make the distance from the uni to my wrist. That is why I bought a wired one. I put all the extra wire up the little hole at the bottom of the crown part, then I mounted the computer to the top of the crown. It looks really nice. It is a Bell brand.

This is on a 20" and I was able to dial the odometer in perfect.
I just got back from a 3.5 mile ride.

After contacting Garmin support about my woes they asked me to return the unit for repair. Instead of getting a new unit I opted for a refund. Gadget lust is extinguished for now. On the other hand the Edge 305 looks like the same thing in a bigger package…

Had you applied all the firmware updates for the 405, available via Garmin Connect?

I did this on my 29 with a cheap bell wireless computer and UPDed and busted the computer off the mount on my first ride (It was a trail ride). I want to get a computer for my 36er but i am worried that I will do the same thing as I am still getting used to the big uni and my touring bars seem to be taking a beating and I’m thinking it will be hard on a computer at first. Are there any computers that are more known for their durability that others? Especially the mount? Is it better to just buy the cheapest one you can find and replace it if it gets damaged?

I am curious about using GPS instead. The Garmin Forerunner 405 sounds intriguing but it sounds like olduniman had a bad experience. Anyone else try this and have success?
I also like the idea of the GPS bike computer but have the same crashing worries. Anyone have any experience with these or other GPS?

I’ve been using the Garmin 705 since April/08.

I’ve used it for rides totaling a little over 9K miles - road bike.

I’ve only had a problem with it once - just after I started using it, it locked up. I then downloaded the new firmware for it & haven’t had a problem with it since.

It’s great if you ever get lost…

I ended up using my iPhone with mapmyride for awhile, but it eats battery way too fast. Now I carry my Garmin 60csx. It’s nice but I’m not sure how accurate it is. I did a very steep 4 mile climb and checked the Garmin. It said I rode 6.1 miles. I went downhill much faster and it clocked 4.2 miles (which was correct). I don’t know why I gained 2 miles on the uphill. I wasn’t THAT wobbly, but I was slow.