cycle computer for coker

I just got the Cateye Enduro 8, and I’m setting it up. it seems to be working pretty okay, but I have two questions. the main one is, how do I change it from km/h to mph? the manual just says to press the ‘Mode’ button, but this doesn’t work, it changes the mode, i.e. time, distance, speed, etc. it doesn’t affect the km/h at all. so I need to figure that out.

second question…what’s measurement in centimeters do I put in for the Coker? I did some math and came up with 287, so that’s what it’s at now, but I don’t know if I did it right…


1in=2.54cm. A coker has a 36 inch tire. So 36 X 2.54 = 91.44. I think that’s right.

yeah, that’s what I figured too, but the measurement on the computer you have to enter is the circumference of the tire, in mm, I think…so I figured it to be 287, and I think that’s right. hopefully.

Klaas gathered some Coker rollout numbers and put them on his web site: Coker rollout
The loaded rollout for a Coker wheel is going to be closer to 278 cm. The loaded rollout is the rollout when you’re sitting on it. The Coker wheel is actually smaller than 36 inches.

oh cool, thanks John! that’ll be a big help.
now for the other question…what do I do to change the km/h to mph?

aHA, nevermind, I figured it out! for anyone else who wonders in the future and who is awesome enough to use the Search Button…you need to choose either km/h or mph right when you first get it. so if you accidentally choose the wrong one, like I did, then take out the battery and put it back in to make it start over at the beginning again. then click Mode when the mph or km/h is flashing.

Why, isn’t the whole world metric yet?:slight_smile: Also, nice with the correct way to show km/h, rather than kph, which alot of people put.

Oh duh! I knew I left somthing out. Just needed to mutiply that number by pi. I thought that number I got seemed way smaller that the number I put into my cycle computer.


if you take the computer off the mounting, when you put it back on, make sure it clicks in twice, not just once, and that it’s in securely. I lost 2 units in about 5 hours of riding with them before I truly learnt my lesson. at least I can swap between coker 29er & muni easily though!

Because Americans are lazy. If we exercised the same number of miles that the rest of the world id in kilometers, at least we wouldn’t be so fat! :smiley:

I was interested to read the solution for changing miles to metric was the same as on the first Cateye I set up, back in 1986 or so.

I tried this on my 24", I didn’t set it up right beacause it said my top speed was 20 mph