Cycle Carrier

Hi … Just a long shot, but does anyone carry their muni attached to a cycle? We have no car and it would mean I could reach further afield. Just wondering how you did this … Thanks for any input … Tony :slight_smile:

Here’s my set up. The tow bar is a chopped shadow handle secured to a wooden platform using u bolts. The KH handle bar mount slots onto the tow bar and is secured with a seat post clamp. I have a shimmy inside the clamp for a snug fit. I also have a removable 6mm pin passing through the handle bar mount and into the tow bar to prevent the unicycle from rotating sideways


Another view.


P.S. The 6mm pin is not visible in these photos. It was after I took these photos that I modified the set up with the pin for increased stability.

That’s a great idea. I have an old bike trailer that still has the tow arm in tact, so may be able to rig something similar … Many thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

cycle carrier

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