i have a torker cx (about the crappiest unicycle there is) and i bought it a little less than a year ago but it seems that i can’t break it. i’ve gone off repeated 3 foot drops and have smashed it a lot but it’s stood up. i was wondering why it has since i heard someone broke an lx on their first 3+ ft drop. seems wierd but maybe i’m wrong

Sometimes that just happens, you’re lucky. My friend took his LX off a lot. He did huge gaps, and jumped a few 4 and 5 sets. It doesn’t seem to break. But my LX on the other hand snapped on launch when i rolling jumped a picnic table, Broke when i pressed right befoer i launched. Come on that’s stupid. lol. oh well. Consider yourself lucky, some just come stronger i guess. laters


Re: cx

Apparently you have never seen a crappy unicycle. What you have is a good, inexpensive one. Anything with a Savage seat on it is worse.

And you call that crappy? Sounds like you’re getting your money’s worth! :slight_smile: Keep up the 3’ drops and eventually something will give.

An LX axle breaking on a single drop is an anomoly. There was either a defect in the axle somewhere, or the rider had done a lot of smaller drops before the 3’ one, or both. Splined axles should be much harder to break.

But most of the people posting here still do not seem to understand how metal breaks. Metal fatigue is a cumulative process. So # number of 3’ drops does not necessarily mean anything. More meaningful is how hard you land, how much you weigh, etc. If you do enough hopping, and you’re not a gentle rider, you can break an axle just as well as riding off 3’ drops. All the wear & tear adds up.

Enjoy your CX!