Cx vs. LX

I was curious, For my first unicycle I was thinking of getting either the Torker 24" CX or 24" LX.

Th Lx has treds right? And does anyone know any specific details for which I should choose?

Which should I get?


get an lx but cut the sat post.

Just get the LX. The $20 something difference is WELL worth it. It’s just an overall more sturdier unicycle. If you just wanna use the uni for just riding around, you would be fine with a CX. I’m not sure about the comfort of the sadle of the CX compared to the LX but I imagine the LX’s would be better.

Also consider getting the 20" instead of a 24" if you’re interested in street, freestyle, trials, or flatland.


my first and olny uni is a cx to bad my fried has an lx and its alot better i the cx set is a brick the lx is ok at least. get an lx

I used to say the CX didn’t have a seat, it has a brick in disguise… The LX seat doesn’t feel much better to me though, it tends to have little to no padding and sharp edges around the top(not cut yourself sharp but uncomfortable) that like to try to slice your nuts off and your sit bones in half.



Thats weird, I kinda liked my friends LX seat. I guess your used to the fusion. I wish I had a fusion street.

I don’t like the fusion street gel either. lol I prefer Nimbus Gel seats and old style(thick and soft) KH seats.

A 26" LX was my first uni. I chose the LX over the CX mainly because of the seat handle, it has an allen bolt clamp, and I wanted the 26" tire. It seems like it’s worth the extra money to me. Also, I found the LX saddle to be unbearable, and my crotch would hurt like no other the day after a ride. I replaced the saddle foam with a 12" innertube and all was well.

So yeah, get an LX.

The lx is an older desgn

Very popular, but not as nice as the Torker ax, which has a decent seat and is very light. The cost is about the same if you get your ax here.

I have an ax 29, and it’s really nice.:slight_smile: In a typical 10 mile ride, I don’t even think about the seat. :slight_smile:

Ugggh… I don’t like the old style KH seat. I shaved mine, now it’s better.


So what your saying is

Lx is better

Has a bad seat

Ax is best

And is a 20" better then 24"?

I won’t be doing many tricks, but I might be going on grass dirt, bad sidewalk suburban stuff.

BTW thanks guys a lot!

I believe the AX and LX have the same seat, so don’t worry about that. It is MUCH better then the CX seat though.

I would recommend getting a 24" unless:
-You are relatively small or short (under say, 5 foot tall maybe? for example.)
-You think you will absolutely only ride short distances, like around the driveway or something.

Otherwise, get a 24". You could ride either one regardless, but you might decide one or the other is better suited for you. 20" is more maneuverable, 24" is faster and more comfortable for riding to places.


Is the LX any different from the Ax? Ax is lighter i think. Also apparently the seats are egregiously terrible. Any new seat recomendations/ideas?

nimbus gel seat

can you buy those?

go here

it will have all the uni info that you will need

No offense, but half of the information on there is crap.

It’s mostly just intended to provide a convenient source for all kinds of unicycles.
If you want real uni info, just stick around here. Almost anything is just a quick search away.

The only difference is that the LX has a squarish shaped steel frame (good for tricks) while the AX has a lighter rounded aluminum frame. And the seats aren’t as that awful, I actually prefer the torker seat over the the KH or Nimbus seats for my 20" unicycle.

Note: If you want to put a different seat on the LX or AX you must also buy a new seatpost for it to be compatible.

The AX and LX seats are kind of hard since they don’t have a lot of padding, but are much better then those seats you get like on a Sun or Savage, etc.