CX and LX weight load?

I have a 24" Torker CX and I have been riding it for the past few months without many problems. It is my first unicycle and I am really enjoying riding it…when the cranks don’t click. Anyway, I was hopping up some steps at a local playground and as I hopped off the 2ft platform onto the rubber ground the rim bent. Slightly disappointed at myself for not thinking about how the extra traction between the rubber ground and rubber would affect my landing, I carried the uni back to my friend’s car. I got the rim replaced the week after (bike shop doesn’t carry uni wheels, go figure).

The new rim came with a slightly twisted axle which caused the cranks to be off-horizontal (about 200* instead of 180*), not completely unbearable but a bit annoying to ride. I had to carry a 5/8" socket wrench around for a while hahaha. That’s fixed now…kind of. In my time without a unicycle I realized that I needed another and chose to purchase the 20" Torker LX online. I believe that it is the best uni for my price range and I think the 48 spokes should provide me with a stronger rim load. I am 6’5", 160lbs, and 17 years old. I like freestyle because there aren’t any mountains here in South Florida, but I do like hopping on some of the larger, easily accessable rocks.

If you have anything to say about anything I just posted, I’d like to read it.

I’m new here, by the way.


Welcome to the forum:D
If your replacement wheel came with a twisted axle, I’d quickly return it and have them order another for you. The LX is considerably better than the CX model. You may want to consider investing in a Torker DX or another uni with a spined hub if you are planning on doing much hopping and dropping;)

I’m 160 lbs too, and I, like everyone else here, beat the crap out of their first uni… mine was a Torker CX too…

Sounds like you’re into trials… check out some videos in the gallery here and here and see what style you’re most interested in… don’t worry, eventually you’ll want to do everything.

Torker sells a splined hub uni as Kenny said (splines are much much stronger that a square taper hub like your CX has)… I ride a Kris Holm trials, which I can’t seem to even scratch, let alone break. Qu-Ax sells a (relatively) inexpensive splined trials uni. sells all this stuff.

If you plan on buying a new uni soon, I’d say don’t bother dumping money into your CX. Chances are it will just break again. If you want to do trials, nothing but a splined hub and crankset will do - square taper hub will just bend and break eventually.

Hope I helped you out a little… anything else, let us know, we’ll be glad to help.


eh well, I already paid for the LX and it looks like I’ll have a squared hub until I either get a new trials uni or a splined hub. Should I buy a splined hub or will the LX be able to withstand 2-3ft drops? I’m sure I won’t be going off many drops higher than 3ft for a little while…until I get a better trials uni heh.

I’m not really sure… it would probably hold up pretty good if you rolled out of the drops… which, when you’re learning, you don’t always do. You should probably start small and learn how to roll out good, then move up to bigger drops.

About buying a new hub… I’d say wait and see what happens to the stock one. It might turn out to be pretty strong.


Thanks you guys.

The LX is expected to arrive on the 22nd…too bad I’ll be 200 miles away with my CX at that time and won’t be able to try it out until next Saturday.