Cwmcarn, wales

has anyone riden this ?

im interested because its all downhill and they supply a shuttle bus back to the top for £15 all day

I’ve ridden the XC loop a few times up and down not using the uplift service. Its a great bit of singletrack for pretty much the entire way. All very rideable. Doing just the down all day sounds like a lot of fun.

what uni did you use for the xc route,
im planning to go with some friends ,they will be on mtb ,
do you think the downhill is do-able on my 24 muni ,i currently ride with 150 cranks and a brake ,but was planning to change to 165 s

Do you mean generally riding downhill or the specific downhill course. I’ve not ridden the downhill course. The XC course is much more suitable for a MUni. You’d probably get in the way on the downhill and the XC is challenging enough (and good fun), if you are uplifting you can try both. I used a 24x3 with 150s and a brake. Its all pretty rollable and the brake isn’t that useful.

I doubt riding with MTBs will work. They are so much faster on the downs. Climbing is OK, I’ve even passed a few 2 wheelers at Cwmcarn when climbing, but you aren’t doing that.

I’ve ridden the XC loop on a Muni at least once, its pretty good fun. I havnt done the downhill course either, it didnt really appeal. I’d say give both a go, riding uphill can be fun too, but then I like XC.

I couldnt remember what I rode so had to find a picture. A 24" KH/ONZA 2005 with 150mm cranks. I wouldnt recomend going for cranks any longer than that, unless of course you have a KH/ONZA 2005 hub in which case would you like to buy some?;):stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun, if you like the XC loop and are abe to travel distances check out the MTB centres at Afan Argoed and Nant y arian.

If you go give “into the blue” a shout. He wasa bit dissapointed last time I didnt tell him I was going.


i specifically wanted to go for the downhill course but if it looks too steep at least i could still go for the xc route and get some riding in
i dont plan on trying to keep up with my friends on the downhill on there mtb ,i just wanted to try and show them my muni skills
thanks for the info and pics