Cutting Unused Seat Post

I’ve been riding, mainly trials, for some time now but never cut my unused seat post length.

I heard other people talking about doing this, apparently to make their uni lighter, and was wondering if i could get some advice on whether or not to do this.

To me it just doesn’t seem worth it, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


if you fit the uni comfortably, don’t cut the post imo. the main reason to cut the post is to let ppl get their post/seat low enough to fit comfortably

If you choose to cut it make sure you leave at least 2 inches in the frame,
and remember that if you decide to do longer rides or get shorter cranks you will need the extra length.

1. What is the post made out of? Is it steel or aluminum?
Steel is heavy, I always cut my steel posts as short as I can possibly cut them. On a long neck frame, it may make sense to cut an aluminum post shorter as you will actually be saving a decent amount of weight. I use a short neck frame, and do not cut my aluminum posts.

2. How much extra length of post is there, after the 2-2.5 inches you need for a secure fit?

If it is just a little bit why worry about it, if its like 4 or 5 inches, Id cut it. (if it is steel, as I said above)

3. Are you still growing?
If it is aluminum, chances are you will break the post before you outgrow it. So this should not be a huge issue, however if its steel and you are growing fast, you may want the extra length.

Reasons to cut your post, in order of importance:

  1. Too long to fit in frame

  2. Heavy (steel) and way more than you need

  3. More than 2" or so inside my frame, and I’m bored

I only cut them when I know I won’t need the extra length in the future. For example, my Freestyle uni was built with a very tall seat tube, to get the clamp up under the seat. I’m pretty tall, so there’s no real reason for me to ever raise my Freestyle seat. The post only needs to be set at one height.

Consider if you’re ever going to want to raise the seat height. This happens a lot with MUni and road unicycles when you change crank length. Also, 2" is a bit short, especially for heavy duty riding. For Trials and MUni I’d go for a little more tube in there, for longer life.

My LBS could only order one 22.2 mm seatpost, and it happened to be 400mm long. So long, in fact, that when dismounting from my giraffe, the extra post ended up rattling around inside the frame, so I cut it to eliminate the rattle.

If you are going to cut it, I would recommend a tubing cutter instead of a hacksaw, although I once suggested a sawzall to someone on the forum.

I cut my aluminium posts because they are cheap, and i dont change my hieght very often and they break quite a lot…

I always leave a good 5-8 cm though…