Cutting down seatpost.

Just bought a Qu-Ax Splined MUni from The leg measurements are stated as 38"-41" with 31" minimum after cutting. I’m about 33", would I be correct in assuming that cutting 5" off the seatpost would be right as it seems like a lot to cut off.

5" does sound like a lot to cut off the post. But it also depends how much of the seatpost is actually going to be in the frame after you cut it. If you’ve got plenty of it still in the frame i dont think there’s gunna be any problem with it. I only cut down my post about 3 inchs.

take off 1 inch at a time and then file and try, repeat and rinse till you have your desired height.

Only way to ensure you don’t take 2 much off.


I have a Qu-Ax splined 24 and a 33 leg and yeah, I had to cut loads off. I’ve heard that people use pipe cutters but I just used a hacksaw and measured by eye.
I’d advise cutting off a little bit more than you need to for a bit of adjustability either way.

Thanks for the advice. I’m at university at the moment and all the tools are at home, so that’s where I’m heading tonight. We’ve got a pipe cutter and file.

Unicycle’s sitting waiting in the parcel office have to wait two and a half hours to collect it.

Caution on the pipe cutter. Unicycle seat posts may “kill” a small or low-end pipe cutter. If the post barely fits in the cutter, proceed with caution. Otherwise, pipe cutters will do a better job than a hacksaw. Be sure to file after you’re finished, especially any burrs that may be on the outside. But do the inside as well. Your fingers will appreciate it sometime in the future!

with pipe cutters also the 1st dent is the guide so do it as light as pos and it should come out straight, i’ve had waves in mines b4 now :smiley: