Cutting down saddle foam.

Ok, I want to cut down the foam of my kh fusion street saddle. I took off the cover earlier today and couldn’t seem to get the foam away from the base. :frowning:
Can anybody give me a tip, as I don’t want to tear the foam apart.

use a breadknife

What about removing the foam from the base?

oh, are you removing all of the foam?

well, ideally i would like to so i can cut from the bottom, leaving the gel insert and a smooth finish on the top.

Gel insert? I have FFR and I took the foam down to where the white foam is and saw no gel insert. That left about 3/4" of foam. Then a glued a layer of another kind of foam. Rode that for awhile. Removed some of THAT foam and reshaped the seat, and the glued a 3mm piece of minicel foam. I think I’m going to put one more 3mm layer on top of that.

Maybe your seat is older or newer?Maybe the Street has gel pad and FFR does not.

That foam is seriously glued down to the base.

And a bread knife cuts the foam great and ~80 grit sandpaper is great for shaping.

If your really want to remove all the foam, as suggested use a bread knife and slice horizontally through the foam using the base as kind of a guide to keep the knife level to the base.

Since I have never had all my foam off I have no idea what is under there and sticking up (carriage head bolts, etc).

No matter what you do, there is nothing that can’t be fixed in some way. What is it exactly that you want to achieve?

Maybe something less drastic than removing all the foam. What do you plan to replace the foam with?

I have quite a few pictures of what I did. (at least I think I still have them)

If you want more info I can post more later tonight, i’m trying get a ride in before dark.

he just wants to get the foam off the base without ripping it so he can make the foam a little slimmer from the underneath.Glue is keeping him from doing that.I suggest just pulling it off carefully.If it rips you can fix it with tape normally

To take the foam off without ripping it I would suggest cutting the front bottom edge with a sharp knife then using the tip to pry up the edge just a little bit at a time. The front half usually has tape between the base and the foam and if you can peel that you don’t damage the foam.

Once you get the front peeled the back peels much easier. I am not sure about the new street saddles but the new FFR has the foam go into the waffle like structure of the base in the back half but it comes out nicely with a bit of prying.

Thanks Mike and Eric, you hit the nail right on the head! Ill give it a go tonight :slight_smile:

Ummmm what am I missing? Why take foam from the bottom? Oh maybe there is gel pad. (nobody answered about that )

Is that the reason for wanting to take the foam off the bottom?

I think the reason is to keep the top smooth and nice cause that’s what you’ll be sitting on and holding.

Us young ones seem to get it Julia :roll_eyes: