Cutting down KH saddle foam?

I realize there have been many threads on this subject, most of them are old. Is there more information now? Do you have any regrets about cutting down the foam?

Mainly I do trials/street riding, but also, to get to the trials obstacles I do some distance riding.

Is a carving knife still the best/easiest thing for cutting foam and how hard is it to remove the bottom part of the foam?

How much seat foam do I remove for seat out? The thing is: I still want the seat to be comfortable for distance and with enough foam to cushion the impact if I bottom out on a seat-in drop.

Do I remove an even amount the whole way along the seat, or just the front, or back, or?

Also, I just started doing sif for trials, am I holding the saddle correctly?

I’ve already read this thread: how much can i cut down the foam on my kh seat


i hold mine more to the middle around where the seatpost is but thats just me…i think tis a matter of prefernce. for how much foam to cut out…i cut mine so that there is about 3/4 to maybe1" left on the seat base…i used a surgical razor blade to cut mine…went through like a hot knife through warm butter. in terms of do i like having the foam cut…yes the answer is definately yes…it makes it so much easier to pull the seat out for SIF and its much easier to get my hand around to grip it.

Sounds good, thanks.

Any more feedback/answers out there? I know some of you have done the conversion/mod, how do you like it etc.

I wouldn’t hold the seat in the middle…but, then again, I guess since the KH bases (for the old style anyway…i haven’t tried one of the new ones) are pretty curved.

Also, I tilt my seat, so the rear part becomes flat–and I ride a carbon fiber miyata-style base. This also makes the seat more comfortable to sit on, and to hold onto…(which you’re supposed to hold onto the rear part of the seat between the post and bumper anyway).

I cut the foam down about as much as trials_uni…altho I didn’t do the greatest job with it. I wish that there were replacement, pre-cut inserts with minimal foam for miyata-style seats. Then there would be no business about cutting foam down.

next time i do it im gonna use a band saw…it will be a much straighter cut.

If you’re going to cut the foam to make the saddle thinner, I’d cut the bottom part of the foam off using an electric carving knife. Discard (but keep for later) the bottom part and use the top part of the foam in the seat. For making the saddle thinner for trials I’d cut the same amount off the entire bottom of the foam. Use something like electrical tape to mark where you are going to cut. The tape will act as a guide so you get an even cut all the way around.

I’m not sure how much to cut off. The foam is actually thinner than it looks. A good amount of the thickness is actually just a lip that fits over the sides of the seat base. The business part of the foam isn’t as thick as it looks.

Keep in mind that cut foam is going to be more cushy than the stock molded foam. Once you cut off the skin the foam changes character and gets more squishy.

‘cushy’? Does it just have more give to it or does it move around on the saddle base? Do you glue the foam to the base or does it just sit on top?

Would you recommend doing this mod?

it gives alittle more once the “skin” is gone…it wont move around at all. and you dont have to glue the foam onto the seat cover. once you put the seat cover back on it should hold quite well. and as i said earlier yes i would recomend this mod for seat out trials…even for seat in trials…it doesnt seem like much but most trials riders try to squeeze as much weight out of the uni they can and thats just one more way.

That’s not really why people do it. I’m most positive. Besides, the weight savings would be minimal.

Why trials riders do it: It takes more effort to go from seat-in to seat-out (and vice versa) with more foam.

Also With less foam, you can raise the seat up…which means that that you don’t have to bend your back as much when gripping the edge of the seat, for seat-out–which is why you don’t see many people with their seats at “street rider” low levels, riding seat out. It makes it harder to stay laterally stable…and it’s harder on the knees with it lower, for seat-out.

Regardless, what matters most is the skill level, strength, and technique of the rider. Weight shouldn’t be that much of a problem. My unicycle’s 11-12lbs…and I have a profile hub/cranks, and still have a cromo frame (even though I’m probably going alum. once summer hits and I have a job). I’m managing just fine. More important than weight is the tire: What kind of tire is it? What are the sidewalls like? Too thin? Too thick? Does it compress well for hops/pre-hops? What pressure not only gives me the best bounce, but also allows me to not bottom out on drops at the same time? Is the tire grippy? Is it durable?

im fairly sure he has the maxxis cc which comes stock on the '06 kh. in which case i would switch to a luna…better side walls and more grippy or maybe a try-all sticky. for the same reasons.

I keep having a love-hate relationship with my creepy crawler. Thank goodness the things almost worn down. It’s not a bad tire, but the Luna is way better.

i agree

By cushy I mean it will squish down more. Think of the skin as constraining the foam a little bit. With the skin gone it is more free to squish.

It won’t more around on the saddle base. No need to glue the foam to the saddle base or glue the seat cover to the foam. Don’t glue anything. The glue will just make everything harder to adjust and fiddle with. The glue will serve no useful purpose.

The front handle and rear bumper will hold the seat cover on. Then you can use tape to hold the flaps of seat cover that aren’t held by the handle or rear bumper.

Best bet is to use the Fusion seat cover because it has stretchy fabric over the nose and rear so it will stretch and snug better. But the regular seat cover will work just fine too.

And yup, I’d do it.

For my trials saddle I used the foam from a Viscount saddle and a KH Fusion seat cover on a Miyata style carbon fiber base. Works great. The Viscount foam is a little bit longer than the KH so I had to trim a bit off the nose to get it to fit. The Viscount foam is actually pretty comfortable once you get it out of the Viscount seat cover (which is glued on). If you have a spare Viscount seat I’d go with the Viscount foam instead of messing around with cutting the KH foam just because this is the best way to make a Viscount seat useful.

Re: Cutting down KH saddle foam?

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 21:04:33 -0600, trials_uni wrote:

>i agree

So trials_uni agrees with Trialsuni here. Hmmmm.

Another tip for making the saddle more confty to hold seat out!
Cost estimate: $3

Use a silicone tube, used for watersupply for washingmachines and such. 2 sizes that fits in one another to make it more rigid!

Put the tubes together and use the duct tape to hold it together…

Put it in the back of your fusion (or whatever) with the thinner part pointing forward, ending besides the seatpost, or make it as you wish depending on how you hold your saddle.

The result, and it’s much more confty to hold on to under long trialsessions!


Edit: took out the img-tags because of the enormerus size o fhe pictures, ~250 kb :wink:

I don’t know why everyone always bashes the Creepy Crawler. I’ve ridden loads on monty tires, Luna, and now the Maxxis tires, going through at least 3 of each, and of all the tires i’ve tried, the Maxxis is the best, hands down. Especially over the Luna. I mean, the luna is very thin, and “dead” feeling. It doesn’t have that nice tacky compound (the maxxis definitly can stick better) and neither does the Luna bouce as well.

Well, that’s just my rant. I’ve just seen this trend increasing, and i know that tire preference is a personal thing, but, for me, personally, the Maxxis outshone all the other tires.

-Ryan Atkins

What pressure do you run it at? I weight 140 lbs, and have to run it at 37.

Well, my main complaint is that it feels like a hard piece of old licorice to ride with, once the temp dips below 38 degrees F.

I agree, the tire losses it’s nice feel in colder weather, however this happens to pretty much all tires. I ride this tire at -10 C and can still produce maximal hops. It doesn’t feel as good, but jumps just as high.

I run between 27 and 35 psi in my tire and i weigh around 170. hmmm, you pressure seems high.

Anyways, that’s about it. I find the Luna to be no better in cold weather.


Yes! Me too! I started out on a Maxxis, and then got a Luna last month, and I am just now getting used to it so that I can do the same stuff I could before on the maxxis. The maxxis just has more bounce.

The Luna rolls better, is graet for street though…