Cutting a Seat Post

I got a Koxx-One Custom Devil (Ill get some pics soon, its sick^^). The guys at Renegade hooked it up and I got a pit fighter seat post as well.

The seat post is a bit too long and I can’t lower it down anymore or else it hits the tire. I want to chop off about an inch so I can lower it more.

Is this an ok idea? I figure use a pipe cutter and then sand it so its a bit smooth.

does that sound good?


What do you think could happen?

I’ve heard that pipe cutters can sometmes cause the end to flare out, leaving you with a very stuck seat post. It’s never happened to me, so I can’t say when, why or how it happens.

The idea is fine, but be sure to only cut the minimum you need off (you can always take more off). I would take a file to the end before trying to sand it and make sure it’s not flared. If it is, then you might be able to file the flare off, or even cut above the flare with a hacksaw.

Good luck

I cut my seatpost twice and it was fine. I used a tool that looked like this:

Lol it happens to Ken Looi who does not own a file or sandpaper- just a pipe cutter. The end doesn’t flare out much so a quick filing/sanding will ensure a clean fit.

It is not worth cutting with both a pipe cutter and a hacksaw- although my pipe cutter is so blunt on steel I use it to make a guideline for my hacksaw.

With the idea of cutting only the minimum amount off- quite often I don’t cut enough off seatposts and they could go down a fraction more if I just cut a few mils off- so often I wish I had cut the right amount off instead of tentatively taking less.

With a file it is very easy to make the end of the seatpost taper inwards slightly rather than flare out- but if you skip this step you can either scratch the seat tube from the inside or it can seize up apparently. A little bit of oil before insertion can’t hurt in preventing seized seatposts.

Had to cut my new one down today, used a Dremel-type rotary tool and all was good. Not the cleanest cut in the world but the post goes in fine and doesn’t get stuck.

use a hacksaw ya lazy bugger


thanks for the info. now i need to get home from these family events so I can chopchop and go ride.