Cute Unicycle Sketch

Well I went to a park with my girlfriend yesterday for lunch, and decided to break in my chain on my new giraffe(Yes I keep it in my car lol). So I took a stroll with her around the park, holding her hand while riding etc…Well she drew a sketch later that night, thought it was to cute not to share…

That looks so awesome!

very good artist.
coolio pic.
like amazing…esk

Lol I think the style is a jester drawing or something, basically it was done in under 1 minute…She is quite the lil artist. She may not be a unicyclist…but she gets it…

WHOA!!! That is an awesome sketch. :astonished:

I would class myself as an artist and that is an awesome drawing. I don’t quite have the skill to pull something out that quick.
Love it. There should be more people drawing unicycles!

nice picture, you should ask her to do it bigger and mount it on your wall

Yeah like poster size…right??? :thinking:

You spelled too wrong. when its being used like that it should be too with two o’s instead of to with one o. Awesome picture though.

Excellent drawing!

That’s lovely:)

Is your girlfriend 7ft?

It looks really nice i wish i could draw.

nice draw!!!

BUMPED. Why would you even bother to make a comment like that? What’s it got to do with you? I could understand if you said it in a nicer manner 'cause then it would look like you’re trying to be helpful, but your post was prbably not taken that way.

Lol I have been known for being the worst with grammer, I just dont give a care hehe. But ya, she said the praportions(sp?) are off when she sketched it, she is I think 5’6-7 and that was a 5fter giraffe nimbus from udc

I wasn’t trying to be mean.

Well in that case, sorry. I just don’t like it when people are mean on forums. I take back what I said.
Everyone should be happy!#

Unicaw89, that is a beautiful unicycle. There’s something very attractive about it’s simplicity. Are giraffe unicycles much harder to ride than normal unicycles?

Giraffes are harder to mount and the ground seems harder when you fall on it. But they are pretty much the same, lil harder in the wind lmao.

yip we should.
i’ll try to remember the to/too, but it very probably will happen again, along with some god awfull spelling to boot (or is that too).


I think it would have looked a lil geeky though lol.

The man riding his strange cycle whilst the lady tire out her legs. Not very gentleman like.