cute comment

I agree that its the kids who say the darndest things.

While MUni-ing down a local woodsy trail, a startled 8 yr old boy asked me “Is that a REAL unicycle?”

yeah me too i just ride a lomg thinking, why are people staring at me? then realise oh yeah it’s not exactly everyday you see a freak on a wheel ride past you

this quote made me think… good point! why do they bother you’re going to die anyway so what does it matter if you get an injectuion becasue you won’t be alive to live wiht the diasease anyway!

Whenever people would remark about me riding a MUni, my wife would tell them that I was going through a midlife crisis. She would say “Rich men buy a Ferrari when they turn 50, Kenny couldn’t afford a Ferrari, so he bought a unicycle with a RED seat”:smiley:

When I was doing some MUni a kid told me that I should be on Jackass. Last Tuesday I went to a student party with my uni. I was just about to hop up some stairs when this guy came to me and asked: “Is that your own?” Some of his friends started laughing at him. So I jsut told them that I found it unlocked at the yard and decided to have a go. Somehow they didn’t believe me.

The unicycle – a poor man’s helicopter.

I had a guy ask me one time, “how do you know if your going forwards or backwards” I’m sure he meant the front and back of a Uni, but it sounded really stupid the way he said it. Its kinda like the kid pushing on the pull door of the school for the gifted in the farside cartoon.

Keep working on the unispins :slight_smile:

Once I went riding with the gang at our local elementary school, and this mob of little kids chased us to the pickinick tables where we mess around. After a long time of watching and occasional comments they all began to chant “You ride a baby bike!!” over and over and over. Then their chant turned into “you have no hair!!” Which made absolutely no sense at all. It was hilarious.

Mildly interesting comment from a staggering drunk today:

“You’ve lost your frame!”

I like the way the alcohol seemed to fog his mind sufficiently to prevent him from stating the more immediately obvious missing item.

In response to ender’s comment,
I was uniing(or at least trying) with him about a month ago, and these girls walked by and started yelling “Uni Geeks”

At this point we started to chase them(in fun) and they ran off screaming

While I was practicing running mounts today at the Y on my 5’ giraffe, this van of high school kids (and driver) pulled up next to me ( I didn’t notice them until I fell) and they started laughing really hard, the driver rolled down the window and said something like

“they wanted to see you ride that, but they started laughing when you fell”

and then they left… they just HAD to arrive for the 30 seconds when I fell and made myself look the fool, instead of when I was doing frontspins and backspins, riding backwards and seat in front… made me so upset I had to go to the park to practice.

Whoa, this thread has returned. To the people that commented on what I said, that was a long time ago in Santa Cruz before I knew about any other unicyclists besides David, so go figure. It was an old man, but maybe he rode or knew someone in SC that rode and it was way before I met them.

Although I don’t get many cute comments, I seem to get enough nasty ones. |=46 being #1. I mean seriously, if I’m riding somewhere I hear that ALL the time. Does anyone else get this?

(I censored that for the kiddies who aren’t 1337.)

i got that once. he threw a bottle cap at me and made fun of my new hoggy g. “get a real tire, ph46”

the one i laughed the most at was when i was sitting on the curb resting after riding about ten miles. this lady in a pickup stops in the road in front of me offering me a ride. turns out she thought i had broken my bike and was stranded. the tire that i had found lying in the road and picked up may have contributed to the misunderstanding

The funniest thing about that though, is I’ll just be riding maybe to a trials spot and someone will mutter ph46. Then when I get to where I’m going the same guy could be there and is cheering me on just because I’m riding differently.

A few weeks ago I was riding across the street when a car with 2 16 year olds turned the corner and one of them yells out “Unicycles are gay!”, I was chuckling to my self when I rode another 5 feet I passed a bus stop where an atractive young woman says “I swore at them for you…” … all I could do was laugh and say thanks…

what’s with the numbers??? i don’t understand (like ph46?) and 1337???

I can’t figure out any other way to swear without being obvious. Here’s an explanation hopeful:

When i went down town to ride, i met i group of people on BMXs.
They saw me, and one of shouted out loud: Look over there! There’s a clown trying to attract attention. Then they started humming the circus tune.

Obviously, i got extremely irritated, so hopped and did a 180 spin then ride down a flight of stairs. This shut them up and got their mouths wide open staring at me, whispering “did you see that? it’s impossible” I lauged to myself quietly.

This happened to me once too. Except on place of the BMX’ers there was a bunch of kids between 10-14 years of age. They were just standing on some rocks I usually train on. It was pretty dark and I still wanted to do a bit of MUni. I road off the pavement to a forest and one of the kids shouted: “If you fall we’re going to laugh at you!” Well as you might guess I rode into a root and fell. They started laughing so I decided to show off a bit. I rode up this pretty steep spot to the rocks they were standing on. Rode next to a little over 2 feet drop and hopped down. After that I hopped around a bit and the kids just stared. One of them wanted to try the uni too. He was hanging by his life to me and one of the other kids while climbing on to the uni. He didn’t get even half a rev and said that I really must be crazy (somehow I get that pretty often) and that he’ll just stick with a bike. I’d guess they couldn’t even ride down that drop with their little bikes.:stuck_out_tongue:

edit. It’s nice to be able to do something else, than just ride, with an uni so you can make people feel stupid for making fun of you.:smiley: