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On a bike trail today I overtook some walkers: a father and his 2 kids. The
kids just stopped and stared. As I went past, the little girl says “Daddy,
can he fall off?”. Daddy says “probably”.

I tend to forget that a person on a unicycle looks pretty outrageous – like
you are seeing something that not physically possible.

Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA

LOL That’s a good one. I’ve gotten a few strange comments from little kids, too. The funniest, though, was when about five kids didn’t say anything, and they just stared wide eyed and open mouthed as I passed.

Personally I love it when a parent says to their kid “Look, isn’t that clever” :slight_smile:

A 5 year old once asked me about my lollipop bike

I got a cute one from the other end of the age spectrum, as I rode through the woods in the rain… “Now I’ve seen everything!” from a not-so-little old lady.

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James_Potter wrote:
> LOL That’s a good one. I’ve gotten a few strange comments from little
> kids, too. The funniest, though, was when about five kids didn’t say
> anything, and they just stared wide eyed and open mouthed as I passed.

My favourite was the open mouthed stare followed by: “He’s magic!”

Danny Colyer (remove safety to reply) ( )
Recumbent cycle page:
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

I find that adults often try to be too clever but can only come up with the typical “wheres your other wheel”. Kids say some funnier things sometimes. Once I was riding along a disused railway line that goes past our village, it has a surface made of small stones, like gravel but larger. It makes a bumpy ride but it is great fun. Some kids saw me and shouted “Whoa! MAN! Your going to brake your NECK!”

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On Fri, 13 Jun 2003 20:26:53 -0400, Mark Newbold
<> wrote:

>I tend to forget that a person on a unicycle looks pretty outrageous – like
>you are seeing something that not physically possible.

The other week I passed a father and a young girl (maybe 4 y.o.). She
remarked (to her father) “Hè? Dat kan toch niet?”. I have trouble
properly translating that, but the statement is a request for
confirmation that what she saw was not possible.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

A group of owls is called a parliament.

I gotta go with my personal favorite: “your a vampire!”

OMG! :astonished: That’s a weird one.

I got a good one the other day. A kid said to his mother “Can he DO that?”

Comments 38 & 87

Went riding again on the Henry Hudson Trail with Emma on her bike and me on my uni and had two great comments:

38: (As 4 racing bicyclists go by) Says one, “now that’s real cycling.”

87: (Said by a lone passing bicyclist) “Happy fathers’ day.”

Cheers and happy fathers’ day as appropriate,
Raphael (who is still waiting to get to open his new Gillian Welch CD) Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I overheard a man and his very young daughter talking after seeing my unicycle. I missed the beginning of the conversation, but what I heard was:
Man: “You have a four wheel bicycle.”
Girl: “Well I can learn to ride a four wheel bicycle, and then I can learn to ride a two wheel bicycle, and then maybe I can learn to ride a one wheel bicycle.”
Man: “First you need to learn to ride a two wheel bicycle.”

Later on as they were walking by my unicycle, the man says “Don’t touch that.”
Girl: “I wasn’t going to touch it.”
Man: “I’m pretty sure you were thinking of touching it.”
Girl: “You can’t see into my head what I am thinking…”

I was once asked, “How do you DO that!!!” – with much emphasis on the word “do”.


One time I passed by this old man and he said something like: “No brakes, no handle bars, no problem”. He seemed pretty pleased with himself.

Another time one of the more outrageous comments I’ve gotten, a woman in her car screamed at a high pitch as loud as she could: “Yeah baby unicycle!”. That was pretty hilarious but I was also a bit shocked after that.

I was having a break from practicing outside my house and my uni stood against the wall.

A small girl came past with her mother. Her mother explained that it was a uni and unis only have one wheel. “Why only one” asked the girl. I stood smiling, looking at her mother, just as expectant as her daughter was, waiting to hear how she’d explain that one.

“Err…because it has” was the answer.


He probably has a T-shirt.

My brother (who rides a 28" unicycle) heard a pretty funny comment from a random guy. He said “I heard you got cut off at the railway tracks”.

I heard a new term for Unicycles when we were at Makara peak in Wellington, for the NZUni weekend. Me, Tony and Ken were out the front (I think it was us), and we saw a Mountain biker heading the other way. He asked, “are there more coming?” to which we replied “yes three more” (or something like that) and he asked “are they all solo’s?” I thought it was quite inventive and I’ve never heard of a Unicycle being referred to as a Solo before. I suggested that if Tony makes a Unicycle he could name it that, but he would probably have a better idea.

Here’s one that really ticked me off…this little child(2 or 3 y.o) enthusiastically tells his friend: Look! he’s gonna fall! he’s gonna fall! The child then runs in front of me pointing and I abruptly fall off to dodge the child… :roll_eyes:


Best one i’ve heard was when i was passing a couple hispanic children. One of them sees me so he smacks his friend and goes “Yo essay check this out, that dude’s cruzin’ like a motha’ f*cka!”

Add ‘no gears’ and you have the back of the 1998 CA MUni Weekend T-shirt. How did he know that?

I’m assuming that’s where the New Zealanders got the idea for theirs as well.

Now we have brakes, gears, and handlebars. Hey, it was true back then! :roll_eyes:

As I get older, I’m not looking forward to the inevitable comments about midlife crisis purchases. Something like “Some guys buy sports cars. His chosen toy doesn’t look so bad…” Long as they don’t see my garage… :smiley:

Yeah, your mid-life crisis started in childhood. It’s important to plan ahead.:stuck_out_tongue: