Cut Down My Seat!

OK, so today I decided that I would finaly cut down my Velo (torker DX) seat foam. I took off the bumper and handle and removed the seat cover. I decided that a hacksaw would be best, because I wasnt allowed to use my mom’s serated bread knife and my pocket knife didnt work. I cut it down to about 1" and after some messing around, I got the seatcover back on, put the bumper and handle back on, put just a few staples in it and some electrican tape to hold it down. I did a bunch of searches before cutting and found out that I should keep the top half to use. The only problem with that is that the sides have no foam on the so the seat cover is pretty loose. There is a picture of me squeezing (dont worry, thats not my SIF grip ) as much as I might when doing SIF (maybe a bit harder that I would hold it) to show you how loose it is. Also, its hard to tell from these pictures but there is a bunch of space between the bumper and the seat, and the same for the handle. Is that OK?





Nice, looks much better now.

Yeah, I think it looks alot nicer this way. Any feedback on the loose cover or spacing in the bumpers?

If you want you could cut the side foam like I have in this picture.

Just take the bottom foam that you left behind, then cut what I have painted in red out of it, then just slip the side foam onto the seat (maybe glue it on to help it from moving), then pop the top foam on and the seatcover back on.

Glad to see that you are doing well in the foam cutting business, its an easy modification with no welding :p, that adds alot to the comfort of your uni.

and yes I know the picture is horrible.

cut foam.JPG

Thanks for the suggestion ntappin. I think I will see how my seat holds up and if it gets to be a pain the ill mod it more. Anything about the bumpers?

When I cut mine down, I pulled the seat cover too tight when I restapled, and it ripped in two spots after a week of riding, but now cause the tension isnt as bad, the cover is a little loose. I have had it like that for about a month or two now, and its not affecting anything.

I didnt notice if there was any gap on my handle or bumpers, but I think youll be fine.

I dont know, the back one wiggles a little when I grab it.

I just cut the top off my foam, with a angle grinder disk. That allowed me to shape it however i want and still have a sufficiently smoothe saddle with sides and countoured interface to the base (CF KH)

Hmm, when you cut the seat, did you cut off the side foam that goes around the sides and front/backs?

Maybe just taking off the bumpers and try to allign them really close to the saddle and wrench them in really tight. but not too tight to break the acorn nuts.

What I did was cut an inch off the top of the foam and used that top part. I discarded the bottom where it wraps over the side of the seat base.

Oh, yehs, thats probably why then. I just cut the top part of my seat and used the bottom that was left. Which is probably why I dont have the extra space and you do.

I am sure you can put something in between the seat and saddle to fill that gap.

Yeah, I thought about using the bottom part, but I heard that the square part isnt so great to sit on. Right now, I just have som leftover kevlar that I had to trim stuffed in there. Ill find something. Open to suggestions:)

I was thinking that, cause my seat looks like it has lots of bumps and its very rigid, not smooth edges, but when I set down on it, it feels perfect. If I want to I could take the cover off again and cut down the sides to make them smooth and round, but I have no need to. =p

It is kind of weird but if you cut the top part off the kh foam it is almost exactly the shape and size of the miyata base. Thats what I ride on my miyata CF base. You could just trim the top to fit the kh base perfectly it just wont be as curvy on the sides.

So I used the wrong part of the foam?

No, if it was the same as my kh seat that I cut it just is not the exact same shape on top as the base. Does your foam hang over the edge of the base a little bit?

Yeah, a little bit.

Is that Ok?

Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Unless it bothers you…

K. Thanks for all your help Spencer. I dont really mind it and I find this mor comfortable that when it had 3" or foam on it :roll_eyes: