Customs into Canada

I’m up in Canada and want to order the Nimbus 29" with ISIS cranks. Anyways, I’ve read that the customs can be killer so I wanted to check it out. I just got off the phone with the customs guy and he said there is no cost in customs for items made within North America, and a 13% charge for items made without. He said you do have to pay gst when you recieve the product though, you can’t pay it beforehand. Thoughts? Are the custom costs simply gst and pst?

Customs cost

It’s not the customs duty that hurts, it’s the broker fee that UPS (or other delivery companies) charged. When I was a raw newbie (in September), before I new there were Canadian sellers of unicycles, I bought my first one from the USA. GST and PST were only $34.79, but the broker fee that UPS charged for doing the customs clearing was $50.00.
What a rip.

Buy Canadian.

Definitely wait until starts its shop. I bought my KH20 from the UDC and was hit by a $125.26 charge upon recieving it. It would have been more worth my while getting it diectly from Bedford.

Customs from T7 handle

I ordered a T7 bar from UDC some months back.

The UPS service/customs was 42.00. Half the price of the bar.

Try to buy from Canadian supplier if possible.

Yeah order in Canada. Buy a Bedford 29" for $350. i love mine!


Go Canadian

I bought a bedford 29". It now has 480 kilometers on.

Tough enough for me.

Try Darren Bedford if you want to order before christmas or try

Wow, I hate to sound like a broken record but yup brokerage fees suck, I got charged about $30 for $60 worth of random unicycling goods so I asked the UPS guys how much they think the brokerage fees would be for something larger, they said that it doesn’t change much and is pretty much a flat fee. A few months later I got a 36er and there was $170 of brokerage fees! I was pretty pissed off and my latest complaint was when I received a new T7 handle (warranty) I thought it would be free because It was a replacement item (as in I was not really bringing something new into the country) there was no duties on it but I was charged $37, over half the price of a new bar! I called customs and complained; they told me that it is normal and not their problem but would not give names or numbers for who I should call.


I wish someone would have told me that last year

Come join us on the Canadian forms to, I think you know where to find them, just click on any of the links posted in this thread :slight_smile:

I did a little math and it looks like it is pretty much a base charge for UPS. You would have had to pay $70 in gst/pst, 500 dollar uni, right? Leaves 50 for the charge. Same would have applied with the 36er. But I hear what you’re saying, why not buy the better uni from Darren? Thanks guys, I’m going to give him a call, check into it.

If you are forced to buy from outside the country as I have a few times, I would suggest contacting the company you are buying from and asking them to ship with USPS.

USPS does not charge brokerage fees, so you will only have to pay taxes, which you would probably have to pay in Canada anyways (unless they are included in the price already).

I would also recomend buying from instead of UDC USA because I found that their shipping charges were about the same, they had better prices, better customer service (they gave me free candy too!), and a larger selection of products. Plus I find that when I order something internationaly there is about a 25% chance that I won’t have to pay anything when the products cross the border.

The only bonus that I see to dealing with UDC USA is that if something goes wrong and you need to return your product, it will be a hell of alot cheaper to return to them than Germany or UK.

I have dealt with Bedford unicycles,, UDC USA, UDC.UK, and Ebay from the US and that is a summary of my experiences with them.

ntappin is correct.

If you purchase anything from the US, it is essential that you ask for USPS.
I phoned canada post trying to get some info about duties across the border. They told me that private consumer goods, can only be charge $5 duties + Tax + no brokerage. How UPS and similar companies get you is the brokerage fees, not duty.

In short,
Watch out for brokerage fees, always use USPS.

Hope this helps.