Customizing thread! (cheap thrills)

I did a wee search and couldnt find much about this, I could be wrong and if i am I dont really care anyway.

In this thread I would like to see everything people do to their unis to make them look cool for as little money as possible.

Il start with a little fun I had with a valve cap :slight_smile:


All I did here was grab one old lego man, one valve cap, a drill bit the size of a valve cap and some glue. ( I dont have pictures of the process because I did it ages ago, besides its kind of self explanaory)

The result was this:

The legs fell off and he’s missing a hand but you get the idea :slight_smile: it could easily be improved but that was just a quickie.

Sooo everyone post your cheap Uni customizations!

The LEGO man valve cap is quite possibly one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time. I commend you. I have neither my LEGOs or a power drill at my house in Texas, but I’ll definitely be borrowing your idea this summer, as both are at my parents’ house in PA.


:sunglasses: :smiley:

My customizations are more for improved function instead of looks. My most heavily moded uni is my 36er. It has posilished sidewalls on the airfoil, tread cut into the otherwise smooth TA, a custom carved saddle, a custom handle built out of a road bike and a T7, I managed to get pedal reflectors from a different set of pedals on my snafus and reflective tape on the front, back and rim for visibility.

OK maybe my MUni is more heavily moded but it is more a combination of off the shelf parts than modified stock parts.

The only thing stock left on my MUni is my Yuni frame and odesy single bolt clamp. It now sports a Nimbus CroMo seatpost, KH fusion Freeride saddle with doubled stiffener plates, Nimbus ISIS hub, Echo 160mm mod cranks, Echo 47mm drilled rim (in 36 hole, ordered from the factory, probably the sweetest 26" rim you can get if you don’t want a marge) all laced 4X with DT spokes, snafu pedals, and some blaze orange duct tape on the frame for some flair.

My “yellow 20” started out as just a frame I got from Evan Byrne and now sports my old cotterless trials wheel laced in a single leading single trailing, double leading double trailing spoke pattern and sports a shaved Luna and a seat built up from random parts with a schwinn base.

I had my no-name trials set up with a try-all rim and have a new Monty Eagle claw for it but I need a new hub and cranks, It is disassembled right now but has a custom cut seat foam with a new KH fusion cover.

Every time I post one of these posts describing my unis I wish I had a camera.

I’m gonna do that! I just gotta choose which lego guy to do though (I have about a 1000 choices)

Cool! its a really easy process and gets a few questions when out riding aswel - “is that a legoman on you one wheel?!” haha. I only just realised people actually replied to this thread, I thought it was a lost cause. Any pictures yet Saskatchawanian? Id love to see your setups. More ideas please everyone!

I’d go with C3P0 because he is always yelling when something exciting happens in the movies… “ahhhhhhh… what is the meaning of this!”

Actually why not a starwars lego figurine in general and add a blue and white version of this to your tyre. :astonished: