Customize & Protect with Pedals Protectors

Simple New Product for Unicyclists is pleased to introduce a new product for unicyclists, created by unicyclists. It’s called the Pedal Protector and fits into the end of most cycle platform pedals to color-customize your unicycle and reduce shock caused by pedal bashing. Less shock means pedals and cranks will stay tight & last longer. Saves maintenance & money!

Pedal Protectors also help protect other stuff from pedal scratches-- like gym floor, car paint, truck bed, and other cycles stacked together. Made in USA from a tough stain-resistant elastomer, they install quickly to keep you riding. They each weight less than 1 ounce and are 3/8" thick.

Now available from for $5.89 per set, shipping included. Colors are Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Grunge Orange, Purple, Black, Pine Green, and Bio-Freak Green. They come in 3 sizes to fit many types of pedals.

Link to product page (

Pedal Protector Specification Sheet

Story of unicyclist who developed it and why

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hey i got some of those and they seem to be holding up since moab so if your wondering if they work, yes they do, and they are great for when your uni is falling down stairs it just doent sound as bad. i found thy dont interfear with pedal grinding either.:smiley:

Hey hey,

On sales page,it shows a double asterisk for the JC pedals, which indicates a pdf for the mods to the pedal. That link did not work for me. I froze up my computer, or it just takes too long to load.

You got some in purple, great:D

pleased to say my set in BioFreak green is still holding up after nearly two years!..great product.

I still have a pair of these myself, and I do like them.
But nor doesn’t seem to work.
And is out of stock.
Did the product die?