I’m thinking of getting a nimbus trials, because the other’s just seem to be too expensive. Then upgrading the hub and cranks later because I’m still relatively new to trials. I would also possibly upgrade the seat and maybe get it powdercoated. But I have a few questions.

Which is more likely to bend/break, hub or cranks? Would it make sense to just buy better cranks?

What will they cost and where should I buy them?

At the Bedford site it says, a set would be about $525, is this true?

Would there be anything else i’d have to worry bout?

Do you think its worth my money?

Any comments, suggestions, replies are appreciated.


In most cases it’s the cranks I think the problem is that all of the shorter cranks that are available are realy made for little kids bikes the one exception is the monty cranks which were not available at the time I was trying to find something that wouldn’t bend on the first two foot drop, unless you only weigh a hundred pounds or less I would go ahead and try to buy an onza or a chris holm or try to find a sumit used. I ended up upgrading to a profile hub wheelset which costs more than a complete onza or a chris holm, and if you buy the chris holm from the start you get a better frame as well.

Thanks. I hadn’t realised hub and cranks were so expensive. I think i should go with the onza, of course I said that a month ago. Any objections from anyone else, speak now or forever hold your peace.


Ps. you can speak later if you want.

If you have the cash go for either the KH or Onza straight off, but ifyou’re not sure about getting into trials etc, go for the Nimbus. I had one and it served me well. I ended up upgrading to an Onza hub/crank set. It’s easy to upgrade and the parts like the seat and frame etc should last you.

Hope this has helped.

How much did the onza wheel set cost you?


Re: Custom…

I would talk to Darren directly about the price. It’s probably less than what he has listed on his site. At least that was the case when I got my KH hub and cranks from him.

I just bought the hub and cranks from for… £120 I think and replaced my old hub, so I have the same rim. My unis Hopefully this’ll work… if not then I give up! Take a look at the trials uni there.

It’s not that much for most hubs and cranks, although profiles are probably about that. You can get a Kris Holm hub and crank set in the US for about $200, I think. If you go with the nimbus trials the cranks will probably break first, and they can be replaced for a tenner for cheap steel ones or $20 - $30 for better alloy ones, although alloy cranks snap rather than bend so aren’t good if you do big drops.
It’ll probably be cheaper in the long run to get a splined set up, either KH or onza, but the nimbus can take a bit of punishemt if you’re not sure you want to spend huge amounts now.
The seat is fine too, I woulnd’t bother changing that unless you’re feeling rich and want a carbon fibre base.


How much abuse can the Nimbus take? Approximately how high can you really go? Also does this look like a good wheel set (on the top):

I’d have to ask if they had a 36er, and it kinda looks like it has the nub problem, but other than that I think it looks okay. The price is right. Tell me what you think.


The Qu-Ax only comes in 48-hole, so you’ll need a 48-hole although I think it’s possible to have a 48-hole hub on a 36-hole rim, if someone knows how to built the wheel that way. Don’t know much about it tho, or if it has any major pros or cons. Cheap tho, and I’ve heard they are strong. I think the Nimbus is good for learning hopping ON to things, not off them. After all, there’s no point learning to drop of big things ifyou can’t get up there, which is what trials is all about. However if you’re in it to drop of huge things, save up for a splined hub/crank set from the get go. Personally, I think it’s preferable to learn to do smaller drops really well on a cheaper hub/crank set, before trashing a splined crankset, which you will do if you’re going big, unless you’re really light or can drop really well. Others may disagree.

What a babble. If you can make head or tail out of that I’ll be surprised!

I’m still relatively new to this trials thing (but sure I was going to do it) and was thinking Nimbus then upgrade later. Originally I was thinking Onza but ruled that out because of money. But i just found out today that i might be getting a job so the onza is back on the menu. It also depends what Bedford will be selling the Kh for since he (like me) is canadian.


Another option is to get the Torker DX just for the hub and cranks and get a Nimbus frame. The Torker comes with a splined hub and crank set and costs under 200 usd.

One note on cranks:
I feel that it is much better to get cheap(ish) cranks and have them be the weak point in the system. Although hubs are cheap, the cost of building a wheel (if you don’t do it yourself) is not. I would much rather replace a crank then a hub.


Whats wrong with the DX frame?

The torker idea is a good one. I just have to know the size of the hub, like exact specs. I’d be looking at:

Nimbus II Frame
Torker DX Seat Post/Seat
Torxer DX hub/cranks/pedals
Alex DX32 Rim
Luna Trials tire

Anyone have any suggestions/improvements? Again, the most important thing would be to get the proper hub measurements, that way i’ll know what spokes to get and whether or not they’ll fit the rim. this will be my first custom job so if I’m missing anything please inform NOW. Thanks for your help. All replies appreciated.


I just realised the Torker is 48 spokes. Whats a 48 spoke, 20’, alternative to the Alex rim?

Is there such a thing?

AS some one stated, and I repeated in my PM to you, you can lace a 48 hole hub to a 36 hole rim. Just don’t ask me how, cause I konw about nothing of wheel building.


Opps, hit the quote button instead of the edit.

To answer the question of what’s wrong with the DX frame. Nothing is wrong with it. The problem with it is that it’s too narrow for trials. It won’t fit wide trials tires.

I think if Torker were to put a wider frame and a 19 inch rim on their DX line, they would corner the low cost trials market.


Dunno how cheap that Torker trials wouldbe, but I know Qu-Ax do really cheap trials and muni with splined hub/crank sets.

Where can you buy the cheap QU-AX? I thought I found one for a little more than $400 (my money), which is still more then the onza or the KH. I’ll look some more though.


Qu-Ax unis from in Germany, Roland is super cool, so ask him any questions you have.