Custom wheelset weight

Hey everyone, I havnt been riding over the past 13 months or so because of a knee injury. After doing all the physical therapy, taking meds, etc. im almost 100% so I can ride again!

Anyway my 06 DX just isn’t cutting it for me ever since I started up again but I can’t buy a new uni. My wheelset is the worst part, so I’m going to start by building up a new one. I know what parts I want and I’d like to get a general idea of how much it would weigh. I had an easy time of getting weights for the rim, hub, and cranks but I’m hoping someone can tell me how much a set of 36 stainless steel spokes and nipples will weigh. I’m also wondering if I have to use the 13g KH spokes or if I can go with 14g. I’ll be using an 19" KH09 rim and Nimbus ISIS hub.

Thanks for any help

I forgot to ask if the weights listed on UDC and are even close enough to get an idea of the weight my wheelset would be.

I think KH uses 14g spokes now, the 13g spokes are just for the old unicycles, so 14g should be fine.


Sweet when did they come out? i havn’t really been keeping up with uni stuff…

The last wheelset we made was just over 1000 gram, singelwall trial rim with 32 hole koxx hub. I think I posted some pictures somewhere before. But they can be found at: our blog

If you switch the hub you’re also gonna need to get a new frame because of the different bearing sizes. I believe Torker uses a 40mm, and Nimbus hubs use 42mm. Then you’ll also need to change your cranks to ISIS instead of the profile cranks you have.

It seems like you’ll pretty much be buying a whole new unicycle. If I were you I would buy a Nimbus trials (that’s what it seems like you’re trying to upgrade to) and sell the Torker to help pay for the new Nimbus. All the parts you get from the Nimbus would be lighter and more comfortable and you would be able to sell a whole Torker. You would probably save money.

Thanks for the info on the K1 hub. Is it true ISIS now? I dodn’t really want to use K1 cranks.

Crazyjoe, I’m already using a Nimbus frame that I’ll put the wheel into. Also I really want a 47mm rim and I’ve already got a bunch of parts I’ll be putting on the new uni. Thanks anyway though, I appreciate the help guys.

Wrong. There are new bearings available to fit ISIS hubs in 40mm bearing holders.