Custom Vinyl Decals Anyone?

Hey does anyone here do custom vinyl decals?

Weird question, but it’s unicycle related since it’ll be going on a new build. :smiley:

I need something very small, about 3/4" wide and no one can do anything that small (though I’m still waiting to hear back from one person)…

If you can, hit me up!


I believe my daughter can. PM me

I have a large format printing business and can make decals/stickers. We specialize in vehicle wraps/graphics.

You’re you ? Unicyclist ?
1st message and sounds like advertisement !

I am new to the unicycling world. I started in October of 2015. Used unicycling to replace my chewing tobacco habit.
I have been visiting this site for a while and came across this discussion and was able to help. Did not mean for it to sound like an ad.
My apologizes.

Fed-Ex Kinko’s has told me they can do it, but I’ve never followed through.

That sounds epic!

It takes so much concentration to unicycle and every little step is a huge victory, which makes it an addictive sport. It was almost easy to trade one for the other.

Looks like I’ve got this sorted. Thanks everyone.