Custom V Frame 36" Unicycle with Schlumpf

I am selling my custom 36" V Frame Unicycle with schlumpf hub. This unicycle is in good condition and the hub shifts. The hub does need to be serviced but currently works and it will need a new tire. I am asking $2000 for the unicycle. I dont really want to sell it but I am leaving on a 3 year around the world unicycle ride and need to raise money for the trip. I am located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United states. I can ship. If you are interested send me a message with your postal code and I can send you a shipping estimate.


Is it the first generation of Schlumpf? Because the Cranks are not the Standard Cranks.

Yes the hub is a first generation schlumpf.

Oh, I recognize this unicycle. It’s the Florian Green isn’t it? I own its younger brother, the Red Menace. If it’s anything like the Red Menace, then it must be a joy to ride. Pete went all out with his famous custom Unicycle designs. This is a piece of unicycle history.

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