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carbon fiber seat post
black domina frame


What tire is that?!

white try-all tires, didn’t know they had been released yet… very shexy! where’s your seatpost though haha

CF seatpost?

could you make a picture of that part please?

How light is that uni?

I think the white Tryall is very ugly…:stuck_out_tongue: …Practically makes me want to throw up…I like black like…so much better.

I might have to build up a white uni with that tire now, because of the pure sexyness.

That would look awesome with everything white :smiley:

Would its sexyness tarnishish it were to be covered in mud and tarmac stains?

Imm thinking more uglyness…IMO

Ah, but a white tyre just might be indoor floor friendly. Black trials tyres leave marks on the floor. A white tyre probably won’t.

With a non-marking white trials tyre you’d be able to use a trials tyred uni indoors on a gym floor during UNICON or similar convention/competition. You’d still need plastic pedals to be indoor safe.

If that new white Tryall tyre is non-marking then expect to see bunches of them at the next convention.

Hmmm…but I ride in gyms with my CC and it doesnt leave marks…

but if you like slid with it like you do in some really sharp turns would it?

Yeah then it does a little but just dont slide…haha

yea. but most people that ride in gyms ride hard.

hmmm most people who ride in Gyms are freestylers who have a white or or pink or whatever colour so I dont really like the 2.5" white tire…put that money toward a freestyle uni.

haha…i agree!

Yes! Right on

Do black tires really mark?
In a gym full of 30+ unicyclists with varying colored tires, I rarely ever see scuff marks on the floor. Or else we would have been kicked out long ago. (looks around nervously). Y’know, maybe one of those tires wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

PM about this stuff, I have only seen one custom unicycle in this thread so far, and it’s two pages long, there should be more than 14 so far.

Yes Miles is right…okay enough thread jacking! Including myself!