Custom Unicycles and Parts

Have you ever wanted to design your own unicycle, or have anything that you think needs to be done to certain unicycles, any color ideas, part changes on certain unicycles, new parts that should be introduced into the unicycle industry…
I think hollowed bolts for the seatpost clamps would be cool, new pedals from companies such as Animal, Demolition,Crank Bros the brands are endless.Primo makes some pretty cool looking spokes too. The come in colors of black, blue,brown,red, yellow and green.A more variety of seat post clamps would be nice too. Some of the companies mentioned already and many more make some nice seatpost clamps that are a bit lighter and nicer than ones that come stock on unicycles already. Profile should try to start making colored unicycle hubs because they make them colored for the BMX bikes. Thats my little piece of mind, what about you?

This all seems to be cosmetics. What does that matter?

I would like to see a good light TI cranks with a geared strong hub. I hate rolling for an hour on my little 19" when I could do it twice as fast.

I would also like to see a studded 19" tire for the winter months here in Canada with a rubber compound that doesn’t crack.

koxx one has the most variety as far as seat post clamps go. They have a lot of colors and a couple different designs.
Hub colors:
Qu-Ax-red and yellow
Koxx one-black
Jimmy C’s-many diff. colors
majority- Black and silver
Koxx red label- red

Just a few products and their colors.

not nessarcarily for cosmetics but for just anything on your unicycle…its all about things that you want to be done for unicycles in the industry…or any ideas for a new unicycle…what kind of parts would you like to be seen on it…

If you want different colors just order stuff custom powder-coated from Bedford. One thing that I would like to see is disk breaks as they work awesome on my bike and cost less than the Magura breaks, and I have chains on my wheel for the winter and therefore I would only be able to have a rim break on for approximately half a year at a time

I think many people would like to see uprated 36" parts: a better rim, knobbly tyres and a splined 125mm bearing spacing hub.

cheaper splinned hubs?

I think the point is parts that don’t exist atall, obviously we’d all love all unicycle parts to be much cheaper.

2 words
suspension unicycle

well that could work except that then most of your power would be lost on the shocks when you pedaled… I would like to build a custom Titanium 36er frame, but I got a price quote from a guy in my area that makes custom titanium bike frames and I gave hime all the dimensions of the frame I wanted, the price quote was about 1,500 USD, WAY too expensive for my taste…

I would like to see

A smooth 19" tire, like a Primo Wall

a gel seat with more than just a tiny pad of gel

A light geared hub for 19"ers

I think for this to be worthwhile I would have to go with ideas that aren’t likely to become a reality, but would be really nice features.

Firstly, a folding 36" wheel. Being able to get a whole Coker in to a backpack to transport it around would be great. It would, of course, have to be very light weight, and easily assembleable.

Secondly, adjustable cranks. Some lightweight cranks that can shorten from, say, 170mm down to 90mm on the fly would be superb. A lot of my journeys are on variable terrain, so increasing the length for hills, and decreasing it for smooth flat runs would help at all. But it’s got to be instant without dismounting, or taking out spanners.

Oh, and couple of little tripod legs that deploy automatically so that I can stop at traffic lights without having to idle.

And all of this would be available in purple. Or green. Or purple and green.