Custom Unicycle Stickers?

As you all know, there are a limited number of decent unicycling stickers out there. Here are a couple that I recently “made”. The first one is to promote awareness of sharing the road with cyclists. It had a bicycle on it that I converted to a unicycle with some cutting and sticking of the existing sticker.

The second is of course the infamous sticker, cut-out with an exacto knife to just have the lettering.

So, post your sticker conversions, or new from scratch stickers here…

Cool! I like the cut out like that.

I have a custom muni oval sticker on my car.
This guy on ebay sells custom oval stickers and made it for me.


MuniOrBust - Dude, I think your avatar would make an awesome sticker:)


ive been considering creating a sticker pack for awhile now…
it would be fairly simple stuff

example, my pic the says “LOVE”, stuff like that.

would anyone be interested in stuff like that?

i think there’s a good chance that UDC might be interested in something like that. i know that i would definitely purchase a pack of uni related bumper stickers/just plain stickers.

sounds like an awesome idea to me.

Yeah, I’d like my avatar as a bumper sticker. If it were cut out, that would be cool. I don’t like rectangle stickers on the car.

I also think it would be cool to have me next to a unicycle in the family sticker format you see on a lot of cars these days.
You know, like these people:


Where’s “Kick”? :sunglasses:

Definitely! I’m always on the lookout for stickers that can take the outdoors; most can’t. I have to change out the stickers on my car a couple of times a year, as they fade to white, crack and peel. I think vinyl is the material in the more sun-proof stickers, like the UDC ones. They last a very long time, except on the side of my car that gets the (California) afternoon sun. Nothing can hold up to that forever.

I’d be interested, if it were avalible at UDC. MuniOrBust your avatar and Jkohse avatar would be cool stickers.

ifd you google “floating point images” theres a guy that makes custom decals, he wil print the first 2 off for you for free - here’s mine…

untitled.bmp (786 KB)

Some of you mentioned my avatar. It made me remember a non-uni friend of mine modified as a joke:



LOL - it is pretty funny…

I have one on the forks that simply says

“No training wheel”.

I’d love to print a tshirt with a pseudo dictionary entry along the liens of:

Bicycle. pl Bicycles. n. A unicycle that is ridden by people still in need of a training wheel.

Just to take the mickey out of all my friends that pass me every morning.

Someone on here had one that read “I unicycle and I vote”. Classic.

We have elections coming up this year where I live, I should get one made up.

I am in the printing business, and I can tell you that most outdoor bumper stickers that fade in the sun were printed using the wrong process. If you have the printing done using offset lithography (the most common kind of printing) the film of ink that is laid down will not be thick enough to withstand the sun’s UV rays. They will fade very quickly - sometimes in a matter of months. This is true even if “UV resistant” ink is used. This fade problem is rather well known, but lots of small printers don’t have direct experience with it, so they look at a bumper sticker as just another print job. They don’t realize that the product they have provided is sub-standard.

For great fade resistance, make sure that your sticker is silk screened. This process lays down a really thick film of ink that can hold up for years. Also, red and yellow will burn out more quickly than blue or black - so if your sticker is going to be one or two colors, use blue and/or black.

I have been meaning to see how dry-toner (like from a laser printer) holds up, but I have not gotten around to it yet. Because of the heat used in setting the toner, special vinyl stock has to be used (specially engineered vinyl and specially engineered adhesive).

Unfortunately, I do not do silk screening in my shop, or I would offer to help on a sticker project.

From being in a band, ive shopped around to literally hundreds of sticker companies. And there are a lot of them out there who can print just 1 sticker for you, some can do a minimum of 5-10. For that amount you may have to pay a few dollars for a sticker, but who cares, just dont grab a coffee that day and theres your money for it.

With the companies weve gone with, all of them have held up outdoors and havent faded at all yet and just look great. And most companies I see do address the different options for outdoor stickers and indoor sticker. I just go with outdoor ones even though most people will have them inside on something.

But yeah, stickers are an easy thing to have made up. Shop around and get some done. Its a very easy and cheap process.