custom unicycle on ebay

I ran across this one today (I’m not the seller).
Check-out this wild, custom unicycle:

Pretty cool, although isn’t the tire toooo wide?

Yeah a lil big

Thats looks like the one darren made,only more color full.


Got to hand it to him though - great custom job…it looks sweet !

what size it on that tire? 3.0 ?

4.0 I think.


The unicycle is for sale by Al from Al’s Unicycling Club. That link will take you to take you to his Yahoo! Groups page for the club. There is a post there titled “Al says hey” where he talks about why the uni is for sale. It’s a test market to see if there is a demand for more of those chopper unis.

It looks to be a well made uni. Very cool.

I wonder what other kinds of custom unis he’s made?

THis guy should be on the forums.

i hate PayPal only sellers.

Wow, a super fat-a-cycle! I remember when people first saw those tires and talked about building a unicycle around one. I wonder how strong the wheel is? But something like that should be more for show; a cruising cycle. Posers, take note!

We know. You hate all kinds of stuff. Even people with different taste in music. Why not keep it to yourself if you don’t have anything to add? I think Jagur has a bad case of PMS.



I’ve ridden his prototype, and it is one weird ride. Not trying to discourage anyone from buying it because it is well made. Just that the tire goes were it wants w/o a lot of effort.

listen to you, calling out Posers, telling people what this uni sould be used for… like your advice has anything to with youthful idea’s.

(i have PMS?)

your just an old gas bag puffing away at new ideas…so what if it sucks for certain things…what do you care…wait you dont, you just want to come here with your “news from on high…The Mighty John Foss has spoken bs”…your style is nothing new and now you call me out for hating PayPal…hmmm?

Dont tell me what to say or not say…ive added more to living entity that this forum has become than you could ever dream of and in case your wondering. No, repeating the same “advice” or Parroting what was already said above your posts by other people does not count. you probobly dont even know that you do since you have admited several times that you often dont read whole threads. RAWK RAWK!


edit: capitol P for Parrot needed.

wow… someones grumpy, everyone we must get along, this is the internet which equals NOT REAL


wouldnt you be grumpy if somone just said you had PMS?

I don’t really want to butt in…but this gives a whole new meaning to the commonly used phrase,“Check your pm(s)”.

your right and if JF PMed me first or his groupe Tyler nothing would have been posted publicly on my behalf.


I thought this thread was on the custom unicycle on ebay? Must be the wrong thread. I swear, I was on the custom unicycle thread one minute, and then I was on a random explosion of fighting thread…weird stuff is going on…

no your right. it is, that why i said


to PDC…looks like he is the high bidder for now.