custom uni

i wanna build a custom uni because there is absolutely nothing that has everything i want (except the KH trials) but thats out of my range. i feel kinda nervous and hesitant to build a custom uni. should i be? i really want it to be perfect. i need a little encouragement or something. i don’t know

Custom is the way to go…I went custom on my trials and i never looked back. It can be more expensive to go custom though…

Heres my list

Frame: Bedford -$60
Hub/cranks- '03 KH(older but IMO better than new)-$200
Pedals- Axiom Double jump flats(magnesium)- $40
Saddle- Miyata CF conversion with KH cover-$120
Tire- Luna-$35
Rim- Alex DX 32- $55
Tube- 20" trials super thick.-$10

Total= $500(give or take a few)

I think it was well worth it…I love my uni and its just what i wanted.


You can go the way that trials uni suggested, but instead of getting the older model KH the 2007 model is actully cheaper. I think its 160 dollars for the hub and crank.

Then you dont have to go CF, and that will save about 50-100 dollars.

You could also buy cheaper peddals, like the Kona Jackshits for about 20 dollars.

Just make sure all the parts will work and fit together. Same measurements, some numbers of holes in the rim and hub. Bearing holders on the frame will fit the hub, and all that good stuff. =p

but im not going to mess it up putting it all together?

i agree with jerrick’s modifications… but also (you guys might kill me for saying this) but the DX32 is not veyr wide, surely a wider Kris Holm 19" rim or Try-all 19" rim with a 47mm width would be better?

And the KH07 rims are pretty cheap too…

Yeah, I dislike the DX32 because it isn’t super-wide.

But I have ridden on one and the tire wasn’t folding over, so it does it’s job.

I think this would be the way to go.

KH street seat - $55

cromo steel seatpost - $15

bedford or nimbus 2 frame - $40

Snafu pedals - $25

KH moment hub and 137mm canks - $140

KH 2007 rim - $45

monty eagle claw tire - $45

spokes - $15

wheelbuild by your lbs or yourself - about $30 or free.

seatpost clamp - like $5

but no one answered my question. am i gonna be able to build it good?

probably not on a first try

it’s pretty simple to put the pieces together. from the sounds of it you shouldn’t built the wheel, but if you know where the parts go, it’s pretty easy to put them all together.

Answer: I would bet on it

I think it’s fair to say that if you take your time with the assembly, you can do a better job than buying the fully-assembled unicycle. Reasons are because no one has as much interest in your uni than you, and you have the entire world-wide web for support.

I’m taking the same approach and am building my own long-distance uni. I’m still a little nervous about building the wheel, but there’s lots of written material about how-to and advice is only a few clicks away.

Go for it! You may encounter some problems along the way, but in the end you’ll be happier that you did it yourself and you’ll understand your uni better than anyone else.

Good luck and keep us informed.

Sure, its really easy. Unicycles are not hard to put together at all. If you are completely inept at bike things though you may want to have a bike shop put your wheel together (like spokes and stuff).

I totaly disagree. The only difficult part to assemble is to build the wheel, this is a skill that takes work, but its very easy to just buy a wheel already built.

I also have a custom trials uni. I will work from seat down.

KH dual density fusion saddle (the short lived bedford gel seat)
steel united seatpost
Yuni frame
luna tire
DX32 rim
DT spokes
Koxx one hub and 110 mm cranks

I bought it as a norco trials so it ended up costing alot more than if I had bought it in pieces.

270 for the norco (with tax) 65 for the seat, 40 for the spokes and wheelbuild, 225 for hub and cranks with shipping and border crap.

So about 600 on the nose.

whups forgot the pedals that I just got.

Another 94 bucks for some welgo b-36 pedals with pedal protectors.

so it all comes out to almost 700 dollars Canadian.

i think i will go for it im pretty good at building and fixing stuff i do all that stuff at my house i just dont have enough self confidence lol

I took my frame off and my cranks off on my first try and didnt screw anything up

tubes/ tires are pretty easy to change and put on if you know what your doing

the only tricky thing would be the wheelbuild. you could do it yourself, but if you dont want to a bike shop could do it for you.

If you are worried about putting a wheel together then run a search on google for “wheel lacing.” There are many websites, but I’m not entirely sure which ones are the best. Because wheel lacing is the hardest part, I think someone on here should recommend a good website. If you are good at fixing things, or even decent, then building a wheel is not terribly complicated. I built my first wheel with absolutely no instruction, and it turned out just fine. Just spend a good amount of time truing it, and it should be good. Good luck!!

I’m pretty sure someone’s gonna chime in with this website soon enough.

Hey, I donno if you already got all parts and put it together yet, but here is something to consider. I wanted a fully custom MUni, so I went to the retail store and the actually put it all together for me. They are really nice people and they might very well build the unicycle up for you and send it partially assembled. Now, you will still have to put on the wheel, the pedals, and insert the seatpost into the frame. Altogether though, It might save on shipping to have it all show up in one box. Just be sure that you use a torque wrence when you put the wheel on. You don’t wanna mess up the bearings. will put stickers on the cranks and pedals so you know which pedal goes on which arm. If you wanna take the time to build it yourelf though, it is a fun experience.

You need a a spoke tension gadge. building a wheel with out it is just stupid.
get good spokes, its worth it.
DT, Wheelsmith, Sapium, possibly marwi
nothing else. take no substitutes.
You need Brass nipples. Dont even think of aluminum.
get a good truing stand and good instruction. keep spoke tension high. try to keep the spokes evenly within + or - 5 lbs
Also Alex rims are never round. you’d be better off with something different

if you have any doughts about the wheel building, pay someone else to do it well.

Is something really consider custom if you just assemble it with parts from different manufacturers?

I mean, doesn’t it have to be like a “one off”-self-designed frame or something like that to be consider custom?

I have a K1 seatclamp on my uni. Would you consider that custom?

When I think of somethink custom made, I think of somethink especially made for you and your uni.

A spoke tensiometer is completely unnecessary when building a wheel, unless you’re tone-deaf.