Custom Trials unicycle For sale $500

Impact Gravity Trials frame powder coated hot pink
Koxx One Hub powder coated black
Nimbus isis hub
Impact Eiffel Tower cranks
Kris Holmes seat post
Nimbus seat
Creepy Crawler Trials tire

Only ridden a few times since I built it. Frame was purchased on this site.

Shipping to USA at cost. It is pretty light.

Contact Jeff @ or 818-426-2385

Will post pics once I can get them to the right size for the site.


Here are the pictures.

Is everything new except the frame?


Everything except the frame seatpost and seat. I purchased everything else new.

Maybe I’m weird but I find riders who can’t bother to spell Kris’s name correctly really annoying.


People who are high and mighty annoy me too! Thanks for the kind post.

Make an offer?

Please make offer