Custom Trials-Uni

Hi, I have decided to get a good trials uni. I have worked hard all summer and have gotten around $2000. I got all them parts that I have been drooling over these past few months:) .

If you have any objections, tell me!

Miyata Leather Cover Replacement from $40
Wallis Derail Base with SIF grips from $190
Death Grip handle, wallis design (wanna try it out!) $72
Thompson 25.4, from local bike shop $35 (50% off)
2006 KH20 Frame, from bedford $175
Profile Hub and Cranks, from bedford $400
Echo 48mm rim rear 19’ from $70
Maxis CC rear 19’ from trialsinshop (in Canada) for $45
kh seatpost clamp 25.4 $10
Gel for saddle, local bike shop $15
Spokes and nipples;)! $30

Total: $1082 CAD, or $968 USD, or 518 GPB

I will post the pics for this beast soon!:smiley:



oooooooo sounds awesome, but i would get a try-all just becuase its cooler looking.


I’d get koxx hub and cranks instead of profiles because they come in different lengths, and are cheaper./

I don’t think that there is a koxx dealer in Canada. If I import stuff, and if it is over 50$, then I have to pay the awful border fees of 50$. I have to add 50$ to anything over fifty! So anything out of Canada is out of the question.

sounds good, wide rims are awesome but isn’t the echo rim 32hole?
last I heard, had a few 36 hole 48mm x 19 zhi rims.

Why not get a 27.2 post?
you can find thomson’s for under 30$ on ebay. Shimed posts make me go :thinking:

I presume you want the echo rim to save weight? Well, 1 drilled rims can add to strength complications, 2 if you really wanted to save weight, you wouldnt get the pfile hub. Go with a standard rim, non of that drilling nonsense. Get a Alex or Kh.

echo is better because it is wider, not for weight. I wish we had 32 hole uni hubs.

i’ mmaking a custom trials/street uni and decided on the koxx hub and cranks.

Yes, the echo is good because it is so wide. It does come in 36, that was the first thing that I checked. The holes don’t make an overall diference in strength. My brother rides bike-trials, and he has landed 10ft drops on one of these, on the rear wheel.

bike trials riders land way softer than unicyclers.

divison8 is in canade. they can get you koxx stuff.

also, the KH frame takes 27.2 seatposts.

If you plan to ride alot outside in the winter I’d try another tire other then the Maxxis. I think I’m the only one who has had problems with them but riding in -20 alot mine cracked. If that’s a problem for you I’d go with another tire, just so you don’t take the chance…

Yes, you’re right, the post is 27.2;) Thanks! Uniquely Canadian, I have a Luna tire with studds in it. This is my ice beast! I made it of steel screws, just be careful not to get your leg on you tire, it really hurts!:stuck_out_tongue:

No, he landed back wheel first, and kept it up, even when he landed.

I had heard that they are much softer on parts. maybe I’m wrong though.

anyway, you can get koxx stuff from

Doesn’t matter, he probably absorbed it with his legs and pushing the front down, even if the front tyre hit the ground.


You can absorb with your legs in SIF.